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Last of top 5 little and adult baby suppliers

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My NEW favourite little/adult baby suppliers (1 of 5)

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Bustertees second shirt and more

After haircut A quick review of Bustertees second adult baby t-shirt, plus some other goodies I've recently acquired.Read More

Toddler Davy’s Christmas

A little report on Toddler Davy's Christmas including a suggestion for the best bedtime story ever!Read More

Get the latest news from Toddlerism

I just thought it worth posting something about recent developments in shameless self-promotion of this site. Utterly shameless, I tell you… 😉

If you are a Facebook user then you can like the Toddlerism Facebook page . All updates to the site get posted to that so you’ll know when there’s new content. I’m also going to put all my videos (or links to them) on the Facebook page so they are easy to find in one place. I’ve got some good videos up already, ranging from sections of an adult baby program I appeared in 2001 to the latest must watch documentary 😉

The Toddlerism Facebook page will inform you of all the updates to the site, but I often post new pictures and random baby-talk onto Twitter. You can follow me using the Twitter gadget on the left hand side of this site, or follow me on the Twitter site here . Most of the pictures I take get posted to Twitter first so if you like adult baby images then it’s well worth joining me in the blurb-stream.

My last Twitter picture post was asking if anyone would own up to sending me the items I received yesterday: a spiffy shirt and cute lion. If it was you then do tell so I can thank you properly.

Davy&8211;s new gifts - a cuddly lion and a floral shirt

I’ll share this picture with you before I tweet it. The lovely Jen draw it for me relating to my end-of-program-ROAR!!! on The 15-Stone Babies .

Little dinosaur - ROAR!!!

I wonder if the text means she’s trying to pull me….? Hmmmm… she did seem taken with that video clip Nooo,   not a chance!!! I’m definitely far too young to interest a big, grown-up lady.

If you hadn’t noticed, you can keep to to date with the site by subscribing to it by email or following the RSS feed. Both of the links for that are at the bottom of the gadget list on the left of screen.

Finally, I should warn you that I am so short of cash the hosting fees for are looking challenging. Consequently, I am seeking advertisers for this site. I’m only approaching companies of which I strongly approve – no tat ads on Toddlerism! I hope you will find them of some use in your quest for age-play supplies and that they don’t interfere with your viewing pleasure too much.

Thank you, and good morning!

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Happy third birthday to me!

I list and show photographs of the presents I have been given for my third adult baby birthday.Read More

My serious fans now know I’m a toddler

Davy the toddler I relate telling the 100,000+ visitors to my professional website that I would be three on my next birthday. I asked for a load of childish goodies.Read More

Feeling better

I tell a story of how, as an adult baby, daddy and my cat helped me deal with stress caused by mental illness. It's a short tale but happy.Read More

New fun stuff coming soon

I’ve got a few new fun things coming to me quite soon – hooray!

First up are a some things from a new adult baby supplier I’ve discovered: Perlasensua-Shop. They have some cute adult baby printed nappies, called Zazoo, in a variety of colours and I am getting some of the green ones. Here’s a picture:

Zazoo diapers

Of course, I shall review them when I get them.

I am also being sent something that I am a little too old for but I think is quite fun nonetheless, some toddler reins:

Toddler harness from Perlasensua-shop

I’m hoping daddy will be brave enough to put me in them when we go on walks, but I imagine they’ll just be for securing me to something solid when I’ve been bad – POO! They are on sale at the moment.

I’m also getting a couple of cloth nappies – pictures will be posted when I get them.

Finally, I’ve persuaded daddy that I deserve toys today – hooray! When we go into Winchester in a little while I’m going to get some Nano Speed toy cars!

Nano Speed toy cars

They are tiny little cars that you pull back and they whiz away super fast! When I’ve seen them in the adverts on Cartoon Network they look mega fun so I think they’ll be great toys to play with. I’m really looking forward to getting them and I hope daddy and me can have races with them; maybe Kisu he cat will chase after them! He he he he! It’s good to be allowed toys and it’s even better to be liberated enough to enjoy playing with them in a happy and comfortable manner – just like the little boy I am.

By the way, if you have access to Cartoon Network the cartoon of choice on it at the moment is: The Amazing World of Gumball. It’s about a blue little boy cat and his fun family. I think it is really fun and I watch it every day, even though there are a lot of repeats.

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New teddy and clothes from Never Grown Up

I describe some new adult baby clothes from the online shop Never Grown Up and review them. I also show my new teddy called Toast.Read More

Butter my preferred security object

Butter the teddy bear is my preferred security object. I tell a few stories about the things I've got up to with him.Read More