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Sucky stuff and stats

My new pacifiers To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Toddlerism I review two suppliers of adult pacifiers and give some stats about my readership over the last four years.Read More

Toddlerism is two!

We are little To celebrate the second birthday of I delve into the visitor statistics and try to work out if I'm popular :)Read More

Big Tots pyjamas

Davy stretched out in Big Tots pyjamas A quick review with pictures of the pyjamas from the eBay store Big Tots plus some news about daddy and me.Read More

The best thing about 2013

Playroom panorama I tell you what kept me going during a totally awful 2013.Read More

A day from one

Birthday cake I spill the beans on first 364 days of visitor information in far too much detail for you to really care about:) Read More

Happy Christmas from all at Casa Davy

I just wanted to wish all readers of Toddlerism a happy Christmas. I hope the holiday is jolly, easy-going and that you manage to be as relaxed about the whole thing as I feel:

Looking relaxed

Posts will continue over the holiday. I’ve just got a big order in from Cuddlz and, as I’ve been a regular customer I’ll review them. There will be many pictures! But that is to come, for now I will relax and have fun; I hope you do too.

Happy Christmas!

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Arkadia’s hypnosis website

I have to say Arkadia's site is down but I have her free adult baby regressions files for free download from here.Read More

Off on holiday

First thing tomorrow morning I’ll be heading off to France on holiday for a week. I doubt too many blog posts will follow whilst I am away, but there is a private pool where I am staying and I think there will be quite a few pictures taken by it. Keep an eye on the Gallery for anything I upload.

See you in a week!

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