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My NEW favourite little/adult baby suppliers (1 of 5)

I love my new onesies My current favourite little/adult suppliers (1 of 5).Read More

OnesiesDownUnder sell world class onesies

View from the bed I review the excellent supplier of little and adult baby goods: OnesiesDownUnderRead More

Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier

Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier mug shot Come see the long-awaited Baby Pants Classic pacifier for littles. I've also reviewed more adult baby clothes.Read More

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Toast

Butter and Toast the teddy bears This is how I came to involve my teddy bears in psychotherapy and part of the reason why I want to have Toast the teddy with me all the time. The other reason being I'm a little boy.Read More

Which is Toddler Davy’s best new security object?

For Christmas I got a few soft toys from a number of people and I invite you, dear reader, to vote which are the best. Well, Toast is best, but the others.Read More

Toddler Davy’s Christmas

A little report on Toddler Davy's Christmas including a suggestion for the best bedtime story ever!Read More

Cuddlz adult baby shop review

I review a range of adult baby goods from the supplier including pyjamas, onesies, training pants and nappies. They are a generally good shop.Read More

Happy Christmas from all at Casa Davy

I just wanted to wish all readers of Toddlerism a happy Christmas. I hope the holiday is jolly, easy-going and that you manage to be as relaxed about the whole thing as I feel:

Looking relaxed

Posts will continue over the holiday. I’ve just got a big order in from Cuddlz and, as I’ve been a regular customer I’ll review them. There will be many pictures! But that is to come, for now I will relax and have fun; I hope you do too.

Happy Christmas!

Read More

15-Stone Babies – on being an adult baby

Little dinosaur I take a clip from The 15-Stone Babies from Channel 4 to explain how lovely it is to be an adult baby. I get quite enthusiastic talking adult baby clothes.Read More

Off to the psychiatrist

Klaus Kinski does insane I describe why I am happy to go to the psychiatrist as an adult baby and why it is not a problem, with no need to hide things or win his approval.Read More

Last night’s trauma

Toast looking well-used I tell the horror story of being separated from my adult baby security object whilst he was in the wash and give before and after pictures.Read More

New teddy and clothes from Never Grown Up

I describe some new adult baby clothes from the online shop Never Grown Up and review them. I also show my new teddy called Toast.Read More