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Farnborough preschool dates for 2014

Davy at preschool with play-dough models Farnborough preschool dates for 2014 now published, so put them in your diary and keep those dates free! It's more fun than you imagination can comprehend.Read More

Final dates: Farnborough age play preschool dates 2013

Painting table Here are the updated Farnborough adult role play preschool dates and times for the last half of 2013.Read More

First New Grange Manor pre-prep school report

Play-dough lemur caterpillar, lemon and leaf The age play preschool event that I previewed on this site happened in Farnborough yesterday. It was blissfully entertaining and everyone who went hopes more preschool days will follow.Read More

Meeting before the 18 May preschool event

Davy with lunch box If you want to meet up for lunch before the age play preschool event in Farnborough on 18 May 2013 then read this.Read More

Southern England ageplay preschool

Story time A Southern England ageplay preschool is planned for littles aged 3 to 7 (nappies allowed), 30 minutes away from Waterloo by train. The date is 18 May and if it is a success then more will follow.Read More

Adult role-play school in Hampshire

Some quick information about New Grange Manor, the adult role-play school in Hampshire, half an hour from London.Read More

I’m too young for school!

I’m not just a cuddly little boy and a charismatic writer – I also used to be an academic and I still teach. However, I teach at a school for adults who pretend to be 12 year old school children who get taught lessons, mess around in them and get punished for it. I’m told I’m quite handy with a paddle. Being an ex-Oxford junior fellow and doctor of epidemiology I also teach biology quite well.

Earlier, the shoe was on the other foot as someone suggested I try on school uniform. Here are the pictures, let me know what you think!

wp_20120621 2  wp_20120621 3

wp_20120621 wp_20120621 1

Daddy said I look quite cute; I think I’m too young for school!

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