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I’m a little!

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I'm a little not an adult baby.Read More

I’ve got new glasses

Davy in his fancy, flash new glasses I've just got my new specs and I'm worried they make me look old and not like the happy three year old I am. Vote in my poll to tell me if they're better.Read More

Would you use a pacifier in public?

I’ve recently received a new NUK 5 pacifier/dummy and a clip to go with it. Here’s the picture:

  It fits! Hooray!

I’m very open about being a little boy, but I don’t try to ram it down innocent by-standers’ throats. I feel it is acceptable and not too outré to have a pacifier attached to ones clothes and even use them when I feel the need in public. When most people see an adult with a dummy they assume it’s a clubbing-thing anyway. I see lots of people with dummies around the hotter parts of Town as the hours grow later.

I feel much the same about my security objects. I carry Toast with me all the time, but when I’m in a civilised location, like a waiting room, train carriage or quiet bus I don’t feel it’s too outrageous to pull him out of the bag a bit and give him a bit of a cuddle. Of course, with friends, or even the doctor , Toast is out all the time!

But, I’m interested in what my readers think. Is a pacifier in public too much or is it acceptable. Vote now!

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Which is Toddler Davy’s best new security object?

For Christmas I got a few soft toys from a number of people and I invite you, dear reader, to vote which are the best. Well, Toast is best, but the others.Read More

Beano reader’s haircut

Some pictures of me before and after I went for an adult baby haircut. My chosen style was Beano comic reader.Read More