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Farnborough preschool dates for 2014

Davy at preschool with play-dough models Farnborough preschool dates for 2014 now published, so put them in your diary and keep those dates free! It's more fun than you imagination can comprehend.Read More

A review of The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes

Eating a brownie This is a review of Usborne's Children's Book of Baking Cakes. An excellent book suitable for children of all ages.Read More

Coming out as an adult baby

Me with my teddy bear Here is how I have found it easiest to come out as an adult baby. It's been very successful.Read More

First New Grange Manor pre-prep school report

Play-dough lemur caterpillar, lemon and leaf The age play preschool event that I previewed on this site happened in Farnborough yesterday. It was blissfully entertaining and everyone who went hopes more preschool days will follow.Read More

A decidedly difficult discussion

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I've got to have a difficult conversation with my psychiatrist about being an adult baby and, far more painfully, the appalling aspects of my childhood that made me one.Read More

Davy on television again

Fellow schizo Klaus Kinski disapproves of those who don't apply themselves Over the next few weeks I'm told I will be filmed a lot, the aim to feature heavily in one of the BBC's flagship current affairs programs. I won't talk adult baby, but rather I'll be telling of my experiences with schizophrenia and talking therapies I've had to help. Hopefully it will promote the accessibility of such therapies.Read More

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Toast

Butter and Toast the teddy bears This is how I came to involve my teddy bears in psychotherapy and part of the reason why I want to have Toast the teddy with me all the time. The other reason being I'm a little boy.Read More

Would you use a pacifier in public?

I’ve recently received a new NUK 5 pacifier/dummy and a clip to go with it. Here’s the picture:

  It fits! Hooray!

I’m very open about being a little boy, but I don’t try to ram it down innocent by-standers’ throats. I feel it is acceptable and not too outré to have a pacifier attached to ones clothes and even use them when I feel the need in public. When most people see an adult with a dummy they assume it’s a clubbing-thing anyway. I see lots of people with dummies around the hotter parts of Town as the hours grow later.

I feel much the same about my security objects. I carry Toast with me all the time, but when I’m in a civilised location, like a waiting room, train carriage or quiet bus I don’t feel it’s too outrageous to pull him out of the bag a bit and give him a bit of a cuddle. Of course, with friends, or even the doctor , Toast is out all the time!

But, I’m interested in what my readers think. Is a pacifier in public too much or is it acceptable. Vote now!

Read More

Off to the psychiatrist

Klaus Kinski does insane I describe why I am happy to go to the psychiatrist as an adult baby and why it is not a problem, with no need to hide things or win his approval.Read More

My serious fans now know I’m a toddler

Davy the toddler I relate telling the 100,000+ visitors to my professional website that I would be three on my next birthday. I asked for a load of childish goodies.Read More

Help getting pacified with pacifiers

I talk about a adult baby hypnosis track that can help you become dependent on your pacifier.Read More

Adult role-play school – I’ve got to grow up a little!

I'm going to school! New Grange Manor is a great place for little school boys and girls to get an education and get punished for messing about.Read More