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The Adult Baby’s Guidebook

The Adult Baby's Guidebook I give an overview of The Adult Baby's Guidebook: essential reading if you are having problems accepting yourself as an adult baby or if other people will not accept you for who you are.Read More

Why am I little?

I'm 4! I explain what makes me, and has always made me, be little.Read More

Davy’s Little Life is art

Davy reading Little Life Davy is the subject of Little Life, a photographic art book that takes an open-minded, non-judgemental view of life as a little and the dichotomies that can create.Read More

The 2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

Davy's bum in a Fabine

I review, sneer at, and tear apart the Fabine adult baby diaper which is a dated piece of old rubbish unsuited to modern adult babies and littles.

Read More

I’m a little!

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I'm a little not an adult baby.Read More

Big Tots pyjamas

Davy stretched out in Big Tots pyjamas A quick review with pictures of the pyjamas from the eBay store Big Tots plus some news about daddy and me.Read More

How to make people like you

People like me just as I am Here are simple instructions on how to make people like you. They work for my family.Read More

What is truly important in life?

Davy This is an essay about what is truly important in life that will appear in a book about Little Davy. There are some galleries of pictures taken whilst pictures for the book were being taken.Read More

Little clothes in public

Here's me going to meet a winemaker in the local wine shop A post about wearing little or adult baby clothes in public; it is no big deal. It is no one else's business what you wear and they won't even care. You are free to be yourself.Read More

Two pieces of bad news

My birthday present picture I have two pieces of bad news, one concerning Very Special Clothes and one about my acquisition of new clothes to review. I do, however, have two nice pictures to show you. One was a gift for my third birthday just passed.Read More

The simple pleasure of being a child

My drawing of a vegetarian sossis tree Just a quickie to expound upon how good it is to access your childish imagination and let it run wild.Read More

Can you be too old to be an adult baby?

Old man picture with thanks to In this post I mention a large upcoming event in my life and, relatedly, talk about whether one can be too old to be an adult baby.Read More