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Baby-Pants shortalls

Baby-Pants shortalls button A mini-review of the new shortalls for adult babiesRead More

Davy on the radio

Adult baby radio A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for an adult baby radio program. I spoke about what it's like and how much fun it is to be an adult baby. There are links to the original program and, just in case they disappear, I've got the program here to download.Read More

Video of my toddlerish red light up adult shoes

Davy's adult light-up shoes This post is a short video that shows off my red light up adult shoes. Even though the shoes are quite childish anyway they are even more so, even more 'me', with the lights on them.Read More

Davy on television again

Fellow schizo Klaus Kinski disapproves of those who don't apply themselves Over the next few weeks I'm told I will be filmed a lot, the aim to feature heavily in one of the BBC's flagship current affairs programs. I won't talk adult baby, but rather I'll be telling of my experiences with schizophrenia and talking therapies I've had to help. Hopefully it will promote the accessibility of such therapies.Read More

A bedtime story to ease you to sleep

I talk a little about the motivation for me recording this donationware bedtime story and link to the story audio file itself.Read More

Review of The 15-Stone Babies

My friend Nicky Omutsu has written a review of The 15-Stone Babies on his excellent website. Jump over there and see what you think. He’s very kind about me!

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15-Stone Babies – on being an adult baby

Little dinosaur I take a clip from The 15-Stone Babies from Channel 4 to explain how lovely it is to be an adult baby. I get quite enthusiastic talking adult baby clothes.Read More

The 15-Stone Babies trailer

Here are YouTube links to the trailers for The 15-Stone Babies, Channel 4's adult baby program in which I have a small part.Read More

Update on Channel 4’s adult baby program

I just thought I would post the latest news about the adult baby program ‘The Fifteen Stone Babies’ being broadcast on Channel 4. It is still planned to go out on 13 December at 10pm and Channel 4 have this page about it.

Trailers for the Channel 4’s adult baby program start going out on 6 December. I’m told they feature me saying what a happy little boy I am and how good it is to receive unconditional love as a toddler. I am and it is. If anyone manages to get a recording of the trailer would you be kind enough to send me a copy, or stick it on YouTube and send me a link? Thanks, kids!

There will be an article about it in Now magazine published on 11 December. I have no inkling of what Now magazine is, who reads it or what they seek from an article about ABs, so don’t ask me what sort of piece it’ll be! I’ll purchase a copy and put some scans of the article here.

More news as it comes in!

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Book review: Grimm Tales for Young and Old by Philip Pullman

I review the book Grimm Tales for Young and Old by Philip Pullman from both the perspective of young and old. I conclude it's better for old than young.Read More

Repeats for Channel 4’s adult baby program: The Fifteen Stone Babies

I give some dates for repeats of The Fifteen Stone Babies, Channel 4's television program about adult babies. I feature in it.Read More

Update: Adult baby television program broadcast date

The adult baby television program I was filmed for will be broadcast on Channel 4 on 26 November 2012 at 10pm. It's called My Fifteen Stone Baby.Read More