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Arkadia’s hypnosis website

I have to say Arkadia's site is down but I have her free adult baby regressions files for free download from here.Read More

Help getting pacified with pacifiers

I talk about a baby-pants.com adult baby hypnosis track that can help you become dependent on your pacifier.Read More

A brief guide to adult baby hypnosis

Hypnosis I give an overview of adult baby hypnosis, including what you should expect from it, the results you can get and the state of mind you need to be in.Read More

I’m not Hypnotic4play.com’s target market

My experiences with Hypnotic4play.com's offerings show they weren't meant for me; I'm not a shallow, sad wanker.Read More

SoCalAB’s adult baby hypnosis tracks

Being interested in hypnosis for adult babies I tried out a track from a big name in the field: SoCalAB. I thought his effort was good not not for me.Read More

Thumb sucking hypnosis suggestions

Thumb sucking in Oshkosh shortalls with Butter the bear Arkadia, who does adult baby hypnosis, asked me for some suggestions as to want I want in a thumb sucking track. This is what I told her.Read More

Accepting help with opening doors and sucking thumbs

I write about various forms of help one can accept including adult baby hypnosis. Arkadia is a great help with this.Read More