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Help getting pacified with pacifiers

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Feeling better

I tell a story of how, as an adult baby, daddy and my cat helped me deal with stress caused by mental illness. It's a short tale but happy.Read More

A brief guide to adult baby hypnosis

Hypnosis I give an overview of adult baby hypnosis, including what you should expect from it, the results you can get and the state of mind you need to be in.Read More

The Inner Child–a new social site and a good way of thinking about yourself.

I’ve just been interviewed for a television documentary about being an adult baby. The director was keen to emphasise that the program would try and show adult babies as normal people who just have a slightly different aspect of themselves to other people. I approve, and will happily continue to participate.

Indeed, it was this type of thinking that at one point lead me to say that I don’t really view myself as an adult baby. Cuddling my teddy, wearing childish clothes, having nappy changes and so on isn’t something special to be given a name, it is just part of being me. Keeping a teddy bear with me is just what I do. It is not distinct from the rest of my rich and fun life, it is very much part of it. Davy has a teddy just like Davy adores Burgundy, enjoys Thai food, goes for country walks, likes loud ties, etc. etc.

My lifestyle encompasses the part of me that is a little boy and I embrace it fully. I’m not sure that saying, “Well, that’s just who I am!” makes great television but if that’s what the director is after I shall deliver with a big grin.

I understand that for some people wearing nappies is simply a fetish, a kink. I do think we should embrace our sexualities, but my relationship with being little has more to do than getting quick, dirty thrills. A lot of the adult baby media one finds on the internet, and certainly a lot of the social discussion groups and chat rooms, are geared to people who just want a cheap bit of excitement. I don’t care about any of that.

This is why I wish a new social site, The Inner Child, the very best of fortune with becoming established and popular. It is aimed at those of us who embrace these aspects of ourselves as who we are, not just what we do to get turned on. There’s far more to all of us than how we like to have sex and if you are interested in talking about your complete life, about being you not how you have sex, then I recommend this site and hope to see you on it. It has only just started and is a bit rough around the edges, but it deserves to do well.

I shall report on further developments with the television program as they occur…

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Corner time and control issues

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Thumb sucking hypnosis suggestions

Thumb sucking in Oshkosh shortalls with Butter the bear Arkadia, who does adult baby hypnosis, asked me for some suggestions as to want I want in a thumb sucking track. This is what I told her.Read More

Accepting help with opening doors and sucking thumbs

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