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Why am I little?

I'm 4! I explain what makes me, and has always made me, be little.Read More

I’m a little!

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I'm a little not an adult baby.Read More

How to make people like you

People like me just as I am Here are simple instructions on how to make people like you. They work for my family.Read More

What is truly important in life?

Davy This is an essay about what is truly important in life that will appear in a book about Little Davy. There are some galleries of pictures taken whilst pictures for the book were being taken.Read More

The best thing about 2013

Playroom panorama I tell you what kept me going during a totally awful 2013.Read More

A decidedly difficult discussion

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I've got to have a difficult conversation with my psychiatrist about being an adult baby and, far more painfully, the appalling aspects of my childhood that made me one.Read More

New childish t-shirts and sweater

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall Just a quick post to show off some of the childish t-shirts and the sweater I've been sent recently. It's good to get fun stuff, especially when you're feeling down. Things haven't been great recently and these have cheered me up.Read More

Davy on television again

Fellow schizo Klaus Kinski disapproves of those who don't apply themselves Over the next few weeks I'm told I will be filmed a lot, the aim to feature heavily in one of the BBC's flagship current affairs programs. I won't talk adult baby, but rather I'll be telling of my experiences with schizophrenia and talking therapies I've had to help. Hopefully it will promote the accessibility of such therapies.Read More

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Toast

Butter and Toast the teddy bears This is how I came to involve my teddy bears in psychotherapy and part of the reason why I want to have Toast the teddy with me all the time. The other reason being I'm a little boy.Read More

Off to the psychiatrist

Klaus Kinski does insane I describe why I am happy to go to the psychiatrist as an adult baby and why it is not a problem, with no need to hide things or win his approval.Read More

Last night’s trauma

Toast looking well-used I tell the horror story of being separated from my adult baby security object whilst he was in the wash and give before and after pictures.Read More

My serious fans now know I’m a toddler

Davy the toddler I relate telling the 100,000+ visitors to my professional website that I would be three on my next birthday. I asked for a load of childish goodies.Read More