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First New Grange Manor pre-prep school report

Play-dough lemur caterpillar, lemon and leaf The age play preschool event that I previewed on this site happened in Farnborough yesterday. It was blissfully entertaining and everyone who went hopes more preschool days will follow.Read More

Meeting before the 18 May preschool event

Davy with lunch box If you want to meet up for lunch before the age play preschool event in Farnborough on 18 May 2013 then read this.Read More

My new Sonic the Hedgehog stuff

Sonic the Hedgehog hat side view It seems I've become a bit of a Sonic the Hedgehog fan. T-shirts last month and now this month a hyper groovy Sonic the Hedgehog plush hat and a rather snazzy printed towel.I should try playing one of the games I've got!Read More

Southern England ageplay preschool

Story time A Southern England ageplay preschool is planned for littles aged 3 to 7 (nappies allowed), 30 minutes away from Waterloo by train. The date is 18 May and if it is a success then more will follow.Read More

Cosyndry sell excellent adult baby clothes

Showing off in my Cosyndry shortalls I've reviewed the UK adult baby supplier Cosyndry before: they are an excellent ABDL shop. In this post I show off some pictures of my latest adult baby clothes purchases.Read More

Video of my toddlerish red light up adult shoes

Davy's adult light-up shoes This post is a short video that shows off my red light up adult shoes. Even though the shoes are quite childish anyway they are even more so, even more 'me', with the lights on them.Read More

New childish t-shirts and sweater

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall Just a quick post to show off some of the childish t-shirts and the sweater I've been sent recently. It's good to get fun stuff, especially when you're feeling down. Things haven't been great recently and these have cheered me up.Read More

Latest clothes from Nevergrownup

Davy wearing a dinosaur adult diaper In this post I show you some pictures of my latest clothes from Nevergrownup adult baby supplier and say a little about them being one of my favourite shops.Read More

North England adult baby play area event in July 2013

Slides in the play area In July 2012 there will be a North England adult baby play area event organised by the brilliant ABJane of NatNapUK fame. There's a play area in Lincoln made for big kids as well as little ones and we are going to take it over for an evening.Read More

My new red overalls

Wehay! Beezer! I'm 'cited! I've made a little gallery of me fooling about in the square near my house in my new, bright red overalls. I do like to have fun! I've mentioned how you can make similar overalls.Read More

A bedtime story to ease you to sleep

I talk a little about the motivation for me recording this donationware bedtime story and link to the story audio file itself.Read More

Which is Toddler Davy’s best new security object?

For Christmas I got a few soft toys from a number of people and I invite you, dear reader, to vote which are the best. Well, Toast is best, but the others.Read More