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Finally! A cute, cotton, footed sleeper.

Davy ready for bed Cuddlz have delivered something I have been wanted for ages, a cotton footed sleeper with cute printsRead More

Cake monster!!

Cake monster! I road test the cake monster t-shirt I have in my storeRead More

Cake monster! Now in my store!

Cake monster! At the prompting of a reader in my 'Why am I little?' post, I have created a mega-cute cake monster T-shirt - just right for when you go to the bakers!Read More

Why am I little?

I'm 4! I explain what makes me, and has always made me, be little.Read More

Little clothes in public

Here's me going to meet a winemaker in the local wine shop A post about wearing little or adult baby clothes in public; it is no big deal. It is no one else's business what you wear and they won't even care. You are free to be yourself.Read More

Walls of sweets at the Old Fashioned Sweetie Shop

Sweets! I wanted to share the sights and sounds of my local sweet shop, the Old Fashioned Sweet Shop (in Winchester), with you. Links are included so you can buy online.Read More

Farnborough preschool dates for 2014

Davy at preschool with play-dough models Farnborough preschool dates for 2014 now published, so put them in your diary and keep those dates free! It's more fun than you imagination can comprehend.Read More

A review of The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes

Eating a brownie This is a review of Usborne's Children's Book of Baking Cakes. An excellent book suitable for children of all ages.Read More

Custom-printed adult baby nappies

Davy in a custom-printed adult baby nappy Here is a supplier of quality, custom-printed adult baby nappies that don''t cost the earth. He's in the UK too.Read More

Aww So Cute diaper review

Davy pictured from the business end in an Aww So Cute diaper This is a review of the Aww So Cute diaper for adult babies. It's good but simply too expensive for what it isRead More

Final dates: Farnborough age play preschool dates 2013

Painting table Here are the updated Farnborough adult role play preschool dates and times for the last half of 2013.Read More

A day from one

Birthday cake I spill the beans on first 364 days of visitor information in far too much detail for you to really care about:) Read More