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Sucky stuff and stats

My new pacifiers To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Toddlerism I review two suppliers of adult pacifiers and give some stats about my readership over the last four years.Read More

The Adult Baby’s Guidebook

The Adult Baby's Guidebook I give an overview of The Adult Baby's Guidebook: essential reading if you are having problems accepting yourself as an adult baby or if other people will not accept you for who you are.Read More

Davy’s Little Life is art

Davy reading Little Life Davy is the subject of Little Life, a photographic art book that takes an open-minded, non-judgemental view of life as a little and the dichotomies that can create.Read More

Review index

These Funzee matching socks are ace!

Here's a clickable index of all the product reviews, broken down by type, then in alphabetical order, that appear on Toddlerism. I'll keep it updated and it will be the sole entry in the category 'Review index'.

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The BEST t-shirt I own!

Bustertees first design - spacerocket! New company Bustertees have made my favourite t-shirt ever!Read More

Tena Slip Ultima adult diaper review

I love Toast Tens Slip Ultima are both mind liquidizingly thin and hold an impossibly large amount. That makes them like modern baby's nappies and things being babyish is good, right?Read More