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Sucky stuff and stats

My new pacifiers To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Toddlerism I review two suppliers of adult pacifiers and give some stats about my readership over the last four years.Read More

My Diapers Animals

My Diapers Animals pack I review the cute adult nappies 'My Diapers Animals'Read More

Cake monster!!

Cake monster! I road test the cake monster t-shirt I have in my storeRead More

The Adult Baby’s Guidebook

The Adult Baby's Guidebook I give an overview of The Adult Baby's Guidebook: essential reading if you are having problems accepting yourself as an adult baby or if other people will not accept you for who you are.Read More

Cake monster! Now in my store!

Cake monster! At the prompting of a reader in my 'Why am I little?' post, I have created a mega-cute cake monster T-shirt - just right for when you go to the bakers!Read More

Why am I little?

I'm 4! I explain what makes me, and has always made me, be little.Read More

Adult-sized hickory-striped shortalls from Baby-Pants

Truck appliqué I review and show loads of pictures, including of my super-cute enhancements, of the hickory-striped shortalls in adult sizes.Read More

All-In-One Company onesies

Davy in his sleeper I review All-In-One Company onesies and show pictures of my new one and two my brother and I have purchased in the past.Read More

Davy’s Little Life is art

Davy reading Little Life Davy is the subject of Little Life, a photographic art book that takes an open-minded, non-judgemental view of life as a little and the dichotomies that can create.Read More

Bustertees second shirt and more

After haircut A quick review of Bustertees second adult baby t-shirt, plus some other goodies I've recently acquired.Read More

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper review

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper I review the adult diaper 'Abri-Form Comfort' and conclude it is not up to scratch.Read More

Light-up sneakers from Evolved Footwear

Light-up shoes on I review the brilliant pair of adult-sized light-up sneakers I got from Evolved Footwear. They are what every little craves and I found the one place in the world where you can get them.Read More