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Horizon – why did I go mad? (Video link – updated)

A couple of days ago the BBC's flagship science program, Horizon, broadcast an episode entitled "Why did I go mad?". I will be the first to admit it is not a bundle of laughs. However, I do urge that you watch it so you can gain some understanding of psychotic illnesses, something I suffer from - suffer quite badly from.Read More

Horizon Special on psychosis on 2nd May 2017

David-Strange-Horizon-Psychosis-Special I am one of the three main subjects in an episode of Horizon, the BBC's flagship science program, the topic of which is one of the illnesses I suffer from: psychosis. It is very difficult to explain what trials and tribulations one experiences when suffering from an illness like psychosis, but everyone I know who has seen the final cut agrees that I gave a very transparent view of what my problems are.Read More

Are a third of the British really mentally ill?

Schizophrenia infographic It's often quoted that 1 in 3 British people will develop a mental illness during a year. I've checked the statistics and can paint a less alarmist picture.Read More

Coming out as an adult baby

Me with my teddy bear Here is how I have found it easiest to come out as an adult baby. It's been very successful.Read More

Big Tots onesie review

Davy in cars onesie A review of Big Tots - an eBay adult baby store where I have got some cute and useful onesies. I also explain why the flow of Toddlerism posts has dried up recently.Read More

A decidedly difficult discussion

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I've got to have a difficult conversation with my psychiatrist about being an adult baby and, far more painfully, the appalling aspects of my childhood that made me one.Read More

Davy on television again

Fellow schizo Klaus Kinski disapproves of those who don't apply themselves Over the next few weeks I'm told I will be filmed a lot, the aim to feature heavily in one of the BBC's flagship current affairs programs. I won't talk adult baby, but rather I'll be telling of my experiences with schizophrenia and talking therapies I've had to help. Hopefully it will promote the accessibility of such therapies.Read More

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Toast

Butter and Toast the teddy bears This is how I came to involve my teddy bears in psychotherapy and part of the reason why I want to have Toast the teddy with me all the time. The other reason being I'm a little boy.Read More

Off to the psychiatrist

Klaus Kinski does insane I describe why I am happy to go to the psychiatrist as an adult baby and why it is not a problem, with no need to hide things or win his approval.Read More

My serious fans now know I’m a toddler

Davy the toddler I relate telling the 100,000+ visitors to my professional website that I would be three on my next birthday. I asked for a load of childish goodies.Read More

Help getting pacified with pacifiers

I talk about a adult baby hypnosis track that can help you become dependent on your pacifier.Read More

Feeling better

I tell a story of how, as an adult baby, daddy and my cat helped me deal with stress caused by mental illness. It's a short tale but happy.Read More