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Cuddlz adult pacifier and little pyjamas

The back of Cuddlz adult pacifier I review and spill the beans about the origin of Cuddlz latest adult pacifier and also show some pictures of some little pyjamas I got from Cuddlz.Read More

Cuddlz custom adult pacifier

Monster pacifier I review and rip to shreds the appalling piece of useless poseur kit that is the Cuddlz adult pacifier. It's total crap, absolute rubbish.Read More

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper review

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper I review the adult diaper 'Abri-Form Comfort' and conclude it is not up to scratch.Read More

The 2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

Davy's bum in a Fabine

I review, sneer at, and tear apart the Fabine adult baby diaper which is a dated piece of old rubbish unsuited to modern adult babies and littles.

Read More

New Fabine adult baby diaper review

Davy in a new Fabine adult baby nappy A review of the new Fabine adult baby diaper. I've even put a video in of me wearing one and talking about it!Read More

Aww So Cute onesie review

Poo to Aww So Cute onesies This is a review with pictures of the Aww So Cute onesie. Very nearly every aspect of it is terrible.Read More

Aww So Cute diaper review

Davy pictured from the business end in an Aww So Cute diaper This is a review of the Aww So Cute diaper for adult babies. It's good but simply too expensive for what it isRead More

Cuddlz adult baby nappy review

I try out and give a review for latest adult baby nappy. I'm fairly disappointed with this diaper, but could see some may like for vanity's sake.Read More

Tender Night are shite

Always a mistake going for the bargain basement offering - these cheap nappies were cheap and nasty. I sold all but the few I used for review purposes.Read More

Zazoo adult baby diaper review

I review Zazoo adult baby diapers from Perlasensua-shop and tell you that they are rubbish not worth your money and perlasenseua are awful too.Read More

AB Universe Cushie adult baby diaper review

After trying out some AB Universe Cushie diapers I conclude that they are a pile of old rubbish and not worth your money. Fabine, Abena and Tena are better.Read More

I’m not’s target market

My experiences with's offerings show they weren't meant for me; I'm not a shallow, sad wanker.Read More