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Why am I little?

I'm 4! I explain what makes me, and has always made me, be little.Read More

The best thing about 2013

Playroom panorama I tell you what kept me going during a totally awful 2013.Read More

Can you be too old to be an adult baby?

Old man picture with thanks to In this post I mention a large upcoming event in my life and, relatedly, talk about whether one can be too old to be an adult baby.Read More

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Toast

Butter and Toast the teddy bears This is how I came to involve my teddy bears in psychotherapy and part of the reason why I want to have Toast the teddy with me all the time. The other reason being I'm a little boy.Read More

A bedtime story to ease you to sleep

I talk a little about the motivation for me recording this donationware bedtime story and link to the story audio file itself.Read More

Last night’s trauma

Toast looking well-used I tell the horror story of being separated from my adult baby security object whilst he was in the wash and give before and after pictures.Read More

Feeling better

I tell a story of how, as an adult baby, daddy and my cat helped me deal with stress caused by mental illness. It's a short tale but happy.Read More

Corner time and control issues

I talk about corner time as an adult baby and my enlightenment as far as letting go of total control goes. Sometimes it's ok to be sub.Read More

Butter my preferred security object

Butter the teddy bear is my preferred security object. I tell a few stories about the things I've got up to with him.Read More

Accepting help with opening doors and sucking thumbs

I write about various forms of help one can accept including adult baby hypnosis. Arkadia is a great help with this.Read More