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Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier

Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier mug shot Come see the long-awaited Baby Pants Classic pacifier for littles. I've also reviewed more adult baby clothes.Read More

I’m a little!

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall I'm a little not an adult baby.Read More

Big Tots pyjamas

Davy stretched out in Big Tots pyjamas A quick review with pictures of the pyjamas from the eBay store Big Tots plus some news about daddy and me.Read More

How to make people like you

People like me just as I am Here are simple instructions on how to make people like you. They work for my family.Read More

What is truly important in life?

Davy This is an essay about what is truly important in life that will appear in a book about Little Davy. There are some galleries of pictures taken whilst pictures for the book were being taken.Read More

Tena Slip Ultima adult diaper review

I love Toast Tens Slip Ultima are both mind liquidizingly thin and hold an impossibly large amount. That makes them like modern baby's nappies and things being babyish is good, right?Read More

Funzee onesies review

HUG ME!! A Funzee onesies review with loads of pictures plus links to suppliers. They are great onesies that are sold as regular clothes and priced accordingly. Even their socks are nice.Read More

Two Kindle age regression ebooks

Babysat front cover The Kindle is a brilliant system for carrying around an awfully large number of books. I review two short fantasy ones by Sarah Baum about age regression.Read More

Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper review

Davy's bum in an Abri-Form Premium Air Plus This is a review of the Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper, replacement for the old Abena Abri-Form. This is the one with the 'cloth-like' cover than so many people seem worried about.Read More

The best thing about 2013

Playroom panorama I tell you what kept me going during a totally awful 2013.Read More

Little clothes in public

Here's me going to meet a winemaker in the local wine shop A post about wearing little or adult baby clothes in public; it is no big deal. It is no one else's business what you wear and they won't even care. You are free to be yourself.Read More

Are a third of the British really mentally ill?

Schizophrenia infographic It's often quoted that 1 in 3 British people will develop a mental illness during a year. I've checked the statistics and can paint a less alarmist picture.Read More