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Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper review

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper I review the adult diaper 'Abri-Form Comfort' and conclude it is not up to scratch.Read More

Light-up sneakers from Evolved Footwear

Light-up shoes on I review the brilliant pair of adult-sized light-up sneakers I got from Evolved Footwear. They are what every little craves and I found the one place in the world where you can get them.Read More

The 2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

Davy's bum in a Fabine

I review, sneer at, and tear apart the Fabine adult baby diaper which is a dated piece of old rubbish unsuited to modern adult babies and littles.

Read More

Custom adult pacifiers (and more) from Inner-Child

Davy's adult pacifier A first peek at Inner-Child's custom adult pacifiers and a couple of other adult pacifiers and pacifier clips I've purchasedRead More

The BEST t-shirt I own!

Bustertees first design - spacerocket! New company Bustertees have made my favourite t-shirt ever!Read More

Adult pacifiers from Inner-Child

Very relaxed A review of the excellent Nuk 5 adult pacifiers/dummies from More

Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier

Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier mug shot Come see the long-awaited Baby Pants Classic pacifier for littles. I've also reviewed more adult baby clothes.Read More

Big Tots pyjamas

Davy stretched out in Big Tots pyjamas A quick review with pictures of the pyjamas from the eBay store Big Tots plus some news about daddy and me.Read More

Custom shortalls from Snaps4U

Zap! Zap!! That ghost is busted! How to order custom adult baby shortalls from Snaps4U complete with pictures of mine.Read More

Babykins onesies and booties

With Kisu! A short review with pictures of the adult baby onesies and booties from Babykins.Read More

Snaps4U shortalls review

Animal snaps still hold! A review of prolific producer of adult baby shortalls Snaps4U who seem to have new shortalls on their eBay store every day.Read More

Tena Slip Ultima adult diaper review

I love Toast Tens Slip Ultima are both mind liquidizingly thin and hold an impossibly large amount. That makes them like modern baby's nappies and things being babyish is good, right?Read More