Here are some lovely items I recommend you buy:


Three special items designed for spiffy little boys.

See my whole range of little, toddlerist, age-play and adult baby clothing and accessories or create your own custom design based on them.

The Adult Baby’s Guidebook

The Adult Baby’s Guidebook is essential reading for anyone having problems accepting themselves as adult babies, and delves into the difficult (for some) world of getting other people to accept you as the person you are. I give a quick review of The Adult Baby’s Guidebook here.

Kindle Ebooks


There are a couple of books I’ve mentioned that you may want to get. Firstly, my favourite bedtime story ever, The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas .

In a similar vein, and another goodie for children who find poo to be hilarious (I know I do) there is: The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet .

Next up is the book for littles who are not easily scared, Grimm Tales for Young and Old . Here’s my review of it.

A lovely story about cats. It gets a bit sad in the middle but the ending is happy. It is: Tabby McTat.

Finally the baking book for children that has given my brother and I so much fun. I review it here.

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