Adult baby shops and suppliers One of my favourite adult baby suppliers selling everything from hypnosis files to training pants. Prices are keen and they despatch quickly from the US. – A new, enthusiastic company run by an AB for AB’s. They sell custom printed and embroidered t-shirts with cute, fun designs suitable for the little in your life. Their first design is mega beezer and I WANT!!!

Cosyndry – A UK based supplier selling a wide range of high quality adult baby clothes and goods. Nanny Margret is a super-star!

Cuddlz – Another UK supplier with great adult baby clothes, good printed disposables too.

Foreverakid One of the best places to get that dream, made to measure item of adult baby clothing.

The All In One Company – Custom made fleece sleepers

LL Medico – A great place to get plastic pants of all descriptions.

NeverGrownUp – Great age play clothes and lots of diapers/nappies too. They’ve closed down, alas.

Shop4PVC – Keenly priced PVC pants, clothing and some terry products too, UK based.

Charlotte Gray Hypnotica  – Once Arkadia, now Charlotte Gray. She will make custom hypnosis sessions for you. Her work for Baby-Pants is superb.

Diaperhaus – the place to get brilliant Fabine disposables.

Dorset Nursing Supplies – the place in the UK to get the best affordable nappies, Abena Abri-Form X-Plus.

Nakedpets – A UK-based professional adult photographer who photographs all kinds of kinks including adult babies.

EuroDL – An online adult nappy supplier who is quite obviously ABDL-aware and sells an impressive range of diapers.

Nanny Esme’s nursery for littles – Nanny Esme is lovely and she runs a UK nursery for little boys and girls. She is a lot of fun so I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with her.

Big Baby’s Playroom – Momma Bea offers babysitting services in her full-size adult nursery in Manchester.

Social sites

National Nappy Meets UK – The homepage for the first National Nappy Meet in the UK. It now continues with other little social and fun events that occur regularly in various locations across the UK.

The New Grange Manor Pre-prep School – A role play preschool for littles aged 3 to 6 who want to meet other people in a safe, friendly environment where there are plenty of activities and gentle education for the younger people amongst us. I try to go to every event. They are some of the most fun things a little can do. – The biggest fetish/kink networking site. There are lots of adult babies and age players on there but not me. I have some issues with fetlife, both with how users and management behave. Indeed, I think a lot of people there are total scumbags and behave in utterly shameful ways. I must try to pull finger and write an article about it. I wouldn’t suggest you go there if you have a enlightened view of being an AB and are happy to live the lifestyle, but that being said it is a good place to meet people. I deleted my account on there after being bullied and getting death threats for appearing on a program that would apparently give a negative view of adult babies, and these comments and death threats were made before the program was edited and broadcast. Viewers not in the UK can see the program, The 15-Stone Babies, on my YouTube channel. – A gay diaper social site. – Another gay nappy social site. – An adult baby social networking site I have tired of massively. You can have blogs here and join forums, but the rules are hyper-precious and it’s just pooed me off big time.  The people who run it are sad, petty jobsworths of the most infuriating type and if I ever go back to this awful site I know I will regret it within seconds.

Personal sites

Toddler Davy on Tumblr – I post pictures and put blog pieces too short for here on my Tumblr site.

My YouTube channel – This includes all of the Channel 4 documentary, The 15 Stone Babies, I briefly appeared in (but you can only watch that if you are outside of the UK). It also has two brief clips of another adult baby program I appeared in back in 2001 and other little content as well. Also there’s a video of me reading The Cat In The Hat as a bedtime story to Kisu, my cat 🙂

AB Jane’s blog – The fun and frighteningly foxy AB Jane has a good blog. ABJane has a Tumblr page too.

Understanding Infantilism – A source of general information on ABDLs, diaper fetishes and infantilism (and toddlerism, which is obviously far more popular!)

Ickle Kika – A lovely baby gril’s blog about her experiences being a little. – Baby Cody’s links and help site.

Little Junior – Little Junior’s personal site.

MyABDLLife – Another general homepage.

Adult Davy on the web

Elitistreview – The wine and food website it is my occupation to write.

My big Facebook profile – If you want to chat to me using Facebook chat it is best to add me using this account as it’s the one I use most.

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