Some of you will know that I highly rate the adult baby hypnosis files done by Arkadia for Baby-pants.com . She had a couple of baby regression hypnosis files for free on her website, but unfortunately she has had to take her website down. Fortunately for us, she has given me permission to host those files until her website can rise again.

There are two files, one for little boys and one for little girls, both short hypnosis tracks that will regress you back to a little boy or girl for a short period after you’ve listened to them. Obviously, I haven’t tried the little girl track, but I’ve been highly entertained by how I’ve felt after listening to the little boy track. Here are the files:

Arkadia’s little boy adult baby regression hypnosis file

Arkadia’s little girl adult baby regression hypnosis file

Save the files to your mp3 player, listen when you have some quiet time to your self, and feel little!

Many thanks, Arkadia!

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