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Note: I do not respond to one line, or otherwise rude emails.

If you want to chat to me then you can either make friends with me on Facebook (here is my Facebook profile) and use Facebook chat. Please bear in mind that I am usually only awake at standard UK times. Unless he is working late, daddy is pretty strict that I have to be ready for my bedtime story at 10pm. So please do not try contacting me at 3am UK time as, chances are, I will be deeply asleep sucking my pacifier and cuddling Toast the teddy – and all my devices are on silent between 10pm and 7am anyway so you will not wake me up. I look forward to hearing from you!

Facebook has provided me with a new way of allowing you, my wonderful readers, to contact me. I am informed that if you scan the picture of me below in Facebook Messenger, you will be instantly connected to me. If you try it and it does not work, then do let me know so I can be rude to Mr Facebook Messenger.

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