Davy - groovy grown-up and cuddly child I am a professional writer with four science degrees including a doctorate. I also happen to be a little boy who loves his teddy bear. I integrate these two aspects of my personality and I’m getting better at it all the time. This wasn’t always true.

I wanted to be a little boy ever since I was actually a little boy. My earliest memory is just after my third birthday finding some old nappies in a cupboard, pinning them on myself (with extremely limited skill) before struggling to button up my suddenly rather tight shorts.

However, I’ve also always felt a desire to be a strong, streadfast adult who can deal with everything with aplomb and without help. This didn’t really fit with wanting to be little.

When I left academia I started re-evaluating who I was and what I wanted to do, and realised for most of my life I was so wrapped up in being perfect I had lost site of who I actually was. I wasn’t really me. I was asked if I was old enough to drink wine juice from big peoples' glasses.

I’ve though more about my past to work out who I am, and a large part of me is still a little boy. I’ve also thought about what really matters in life.  My answer seems to be ‘Not much beyond making yourself and those important to you happy’.

This blog will be about all aspects of me, big and little, and what I’m experiencing in the process to become more myself and even happier. I hope you find it interesting!

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