Tykables Overnights are spiffing

Tykables Overnights are the latest ‘must try’ adult diapers – it seems the world has been waiting for new stock both at Tykables homepage and local distributors like NappiesRUs in the UK. I have been wearing Tykables Overnights for the past several days (and nights) and I am sure you are eager to know if they perform as well as the Rearz Safari that so impressed me recently.

Let us begin by looking at the packaging, The bags look like this:

Tykables Overnights Tykables Overnights

Does not that Tykables Overnights packaging look really professional? They are precisely what a modern Adult Baby/Little would like from adult nappy packaging if they want something to appeal to their little side. Do have a look at their bedtime planner; I have been doing that for decad… well… for a period of time…

Tykables Overnights

Ok, so Tykables Overnights have great packaging that will make you happy to have piles of them stacked around your bedroom. When the Toddlerism Towers cleaner saw my packets she remarked on how cute they looked!

Looking at the Tykables Overnights adult diapers themselves we can see on this shot of the inside that there is a green extra-absorbant/transfer zone in the middle. This was one of the feature that made the Rearz Safari so good. There are tall, elasticated inside leg-guards and the leg areas are bordered with enough elastic to make sure they will stay snug and keep everything inside.

Tykables Overnights

Looking at the outside:

Tykables Overnights

It not that just one super cute print? Daddy says it looks like a real nappy rather than some unrealistic contrivance.

The print is lovely, and the adult diaper has a very good closure system. Those one and a half inch wide tapes attach to the textured front section of the adult nappy in a ‘hook and loop’/v*lcro-type manner. This means you can adjust the tapes as many times as you want, even take the Tykables Overnight off to put on later. Brilliant, eh?

The rest of the outside of the nappy has a thin plastic cover with the print on. That print is so cute I want everyone in the world to see me wearing one, so let us do the crotch shots!

Daddy says they are very easy to put on and make fit really well – he would know! The Tykables Overnights feel wonderfully comfy, easily the most comfortable disposable nappy I’ve tried. The lining is soft and very snugly fitting. The leg cuffs and inner leak guards are also very soft, but the way you feel them grip around, you know nothing is getting out of there unless you really try.

The first impression of Tykables Overnights is that they do not feel amazingly thick (which surprised me a little). Pull your legs together and it feels like there is more bunching up than it initially seemed (plus you feel that wonderfully soft nappy inner around your whole rude area).

If you have someone as good as my daddy to put Tykables Overnights on, they will be so comfortable and properly fitting that you will feel like a little kid in a little kids’ diaper. You will have no problems walking about – with no bits rubbing or collapsing – until you are chased and caught for a change hours after being padded up. When lying down it is best to do so on your back, as it is with most disposables – I found I rarely had any (even tiny) leaks into plastic pants when wearing Tykables Overnights overnight.

The thing about them is, they hold so much more than you think after you have had an accident in them for the first time. If you do what I did and recline in bed with a two litre bottle of your favourite sugar-free, caffeinated beverage, a Tykables Overnight on, and moderate time free to spare you will find that the Tykables Overnight will easily manage you chugging through the bottle of drink with not a leak to moisten your bed.

Tykables Overnights are fine for walking around in general. Whilst I was walking around Winchester on a few days I felt so comfortable in the adult diaper my body just decided to let go every so often without even bothering to ask me! They will certainly last you all night in bed or a part day trip out

Another thing that makes me warm to these adult nappies is a bit of a silly gimmick, but it makes me smile. As shown in the picture before when you get wet the stars printed on the inside of the nappy covering disappear – that is quite a nice wetness indicator.

Tykables Overnights

I could suggest this is somewhat pointless as with the plastic outer you can see wetness inside the nappy, without needing wetness indictors to see the adult diaper is wet. However, it is a really CUTE feature and I LIKE CUTE!!!Top marks for this feature Tykables!

Let’s have a last bunch of pictures and we can then move onto the final quality factor.

I suppose the most serious competitor to Tykables Overnights I have worn recently has been has been the Rearz Safari. Now they were damned good adult baby diapers! Really, there is not much to choose between the two. The Rearz seemed to hold slightly more, the Tykables have a better fit. The Tykables packaging is smart and generally superb, the Rearz are slightly cheaper; they both hold a lot, have brilliant prints, great leak protection and just looking at them before they are put on makes you feel incredibly kid.

I would suggest that the Tykables Overnights and Rearz Safari represent the current pinnacle of adult baby nappies (with Cuddlz coming in a close third). For those of us who started when all we had were cheap pharmacy incontinence pads this pinnacle is, indeed, quite dizzying. Now we are able to buy high-quality, attractively packaged and custom made to suit the little people we are. These are not just incontinence pads with a band of printed, wide tape across the top (you know who you are), these have great prints all over them and so much more; they look like the diapers a little four year old would wear if they were 192cm tall. I am definitely a big four-year old who is 192cm tall and I want to have the adult baby diapers a good little boy like me wants and deserves.

Should funds allow, I will always keep at least a few of both Tykables Overnights and Rearz Safari in the nappy cupboards. These are the very best adult baby diapers money can buy – well, unless you are a stinky baby and like cloth!!

Please help keep me clothed

I feel I must try a bit of begging from you, my wonderful, intelligent, brave, strong readers. A lack of cash (so severe it will probably result in weight loss) and stock issues prevent me from buying these myself, but does anyone have some 2XL Tykable Shortalls they would be willing to donate to your humble scribe (me). Drop me a line if you could do me this huge favour!