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Rearz Safari packaging

I have good news for anyone buying from the official Rearz online store (so I suppose this will be most applicable to shoppers from the USA and Canada): I have negotiated a discount voucher for readers of You can use it to get 5% off any goods you buy from the official Rearz online store. Scoot to the end of this article to get to the voucher code!

I had a urgent need to get adult diapers and a friend suggested I buy some Rearz Safari adult diapers from NappiesRUs – they are so marvellous and completely wonderful and I love them so much I have not spent a night out of them since then (although I wish I had the choice…).

You see, toward the end of last year I noticed a lump on one of my rude bits. My doctor and the urology surgeon had a good feel of it and their decision was to remove the whole thing.

We have socialised medical care in the UK; that means long waiting times for hospital appointments and waiting for an operation, as I had to do with my knackered back, can leave you suffering and in pain for an age.

Therefore, I was very surprised that from the day I noticed the lump it was four weeks and one day until I was walking out of hospital with only one testicle. Call me ‘Righty’! Socialised medical care can move swiftly if it has targets to measure up to.

Every night since then I have wet the bed (unless I have not slept, an all too frequent occurrence for me, alas). Naturally, I had some adult nappies in stock, but I thought this would be an ideal time to try some new ones and review them. My friend suggested Rearz, who have a few designs, but I chose Safari.

Here are pictures of the packaging and the adult nappy folded up. Perhaps you can see why Little Davy squealed for daddy to put him/me/us(?) in them!

They are certainly cute, very cute indeed, but I was not quite prepared for the effect they would have on me. No, they did not make me want to go back to wearing nappies all the time – I am only wearing them because I must.

Rather they made me appreciate qualities in adult diapers that I have been stridently opposed to (on this site as well) ever since I realised it was not a problem being an adult baby (as I was back then, now I’m a little boy with issues; wee issues) and I should get out and enjoy being myself: a modern toddler for a modern world.

Let me show you the outside of the Rearz Safari adult diaper:

Outside of a Rearz Safari diaper

It has a crinkly plastic shell with lovely, lovely prints on it and a thickened area of plastic on the tape landing zone (so you can undo and reseal the tape without ripping the main covering). I simply adore the print – if some adult baby friend of mine was sufficiently eloquent to persuade me to spend some baby time with them just playing around in nappies (and they would have to be staggeringly, insanely eloquent), I would feel very cute and smart to be wearing as good a looking nappy as this.

Now the inside:

Inside of a Rearz Safari diaper

You cannot see it in this picture (for obvious reasons) but the four tapes are transparent. This means they do not hide any of the print when they are fastened up. An excellent idea, other adult diaper companies please take note!

You can see that it has internal leg elastic guards and a big blue zone running right through the middle. This is part of the key to Rearz adult nappies brilliance – I shall explain later!

So I shall slip one on and see how it feels. I shall get the crotch shots of of the way now:

Wow they are thick; very, very thick indeed! You really feel there’s a lot packed in between your legs when you walk in them, those impression is further aided by their surprising width.

These adult baby nappies claim to hold over five litres and when you feel all that padding pushing your legs apart you knows they are not taking the piss with that statement… Or rather they are taking over five litres of it… but not metaphorically… or something… slightly…

I do not have any claim to know the exact volume I excrete when I’m wearing a diaper, but with the bulk of the nappy increased by a long and very wet night’s sleep, you may understand my difficulty in walking normally in the video below:

You may recall above where I said these adult nappies made me like qualities I have been decrying for years. Older readers may me saying my favourite adult diapers were Tena Ultima. That was because they were like modern babies’ diapers: thin, could hold a lot and had a textured paper cover.

Rearz Safari are the adult diapers I have liked more than any other adult nappy I can remember using. They may be thick and have a plastic cover, but I quite like those features in this diaper.

The plastic cover has that super cute design and… erm… it feels slightly nice to be in a nappy that is so thick your walking is compromised when you are wet. Plastic cover and thick padding can be done really well! I would prefer it if these prints could be done with a textured paper cover; as it stands Rearz Safari are my favourite adult nappies (and I’d say Cuddlz newest four-tape ones come in at number two).

Shall we have some more pictures of them? OK, here are some:

Part of the reason I like Rearz Safari is how well they deal with being wet. There is a lot of padding, that clearly can hold a lot, but there is that blue zone down the middle of the inside I mentioned above.

The blue area is a type of fast transmission zone to make sure wetness is evenly distributed around the adult nappy. For example, as I am a little boy I tend to wet the front of nappies. However, in Rearz Safari I can feel some of that wetness charging through the blue area to the back of the diaper, so that the wetness is spread throughout the diaper.

The transmission zone means the claim of holding over five litres is quite believable – the adult diapers just hold massive amounts. If you ever decide to play “Who has the heaviest diaper?” when you have had some little boys and/or girls over for a sleepover, make sure you’ve got hold of some Rearz!

Considering I do not really like adult nappies anymore, I am surprised how much I’ve warmed to Rearz Safari. I do consider them the best adult baby diaper on the market (that I’ve tried) and, I am distinctly surprised to report, I consider them my favourite disposable adult baby nappy I’ve tried. They are truly tremendous! Get them from NappiesRUs in the UK and Europe or from Rearz themselves in Canada and the USA. You really will love them!

As I said at the top of this article, I have arranged to get Toddlerism readers a 5% discount on good bought from the official Rearz online store. It does not get you a discount of postage, but you get 5% off all goods and you can use the voucher on any future orders you place. Just go to the official Rearz online store, select the goods you want, and use this voucher code when you checkout:


Happy shopping!