Cuddlz single-tape adult diapers

Arse close-up view

People have higher and higher expectations of adult baby diapers, they want them to be more like, or more want they think real baby nappies are like. Plastic covers (as we know, long since retired from real baby diapers), cute prints and so on. Now Cuddlz have reached a zenith in adult diapers: plastic backed, cute prints and now with a single tape!

So let us have a look at them! First the outside of the Cuddlz single tape adult nappies:

Cuddlz single-tape nappy outside

At the top of the picture you can see where the wide single-tape is positioned. There is print running along the centre of the rather wide absorbent zone. The print maybe understated, but I think it is really nice and definitely cute enough for this little boy. Then at the bottom, the front of the Cuddlz adult single-tape diaper, there is a thicker plastic zone for attaching the tapes to.

Antediluvian people will be pleased that they are not like contemporary babies’ nappies in that the outer is all plastic. I normally do not like that as I am a modern little boy, not living in some fantasy of the past. However, I can live with that as I really like the design of them: single tapes and cute print.

Now, the inside of the nappy:

Cuddlz single-tape nappy inside

You can see that the single tapes, whilst being very wide, are not actually all that long. The absorbent zones along the middle and expanded at the front and back are nice and wide – this looks like it will be a thirsty adult baby diaper. The sides are well elasticised and there are inner leg-guards – we hope for no leaks!

It must now time to put one on and pose for the obligatory crotch-shots:

Pretty cute, eh? When one is putting them on, ideally you will have someone do this for you, you have to make sure they are pulled up as far as you can get them at the front and back, and you really try to pull the tapes in as far as you can before you seal them. This will help the single tape hold them snug around you as you move about. Whilst double tapes hold around your legs and waist directly, these have one tape that is trying to fulfil those purposes and making sure it is tight will make it do that better. The tapes do hold in position very well.

Here is a picture of the single tape, in an appropriate position, in action:

Side view of tapes

I found that if they were put on carefully, as I describe above, the single tape performs very nearly as well as a double-tape adult baby nappy – if you do not get them on as carefully as you can they have a slight tendency to sag a little more than normal adult diapers do. I am very lucky in that my daddy is well practiced at putting on adult nappies so I had no problems lounging around the flat:

Hunting for sweets in the sweet cupboard:

Looking in sweet cupboard

Or even lying down for a quick kip:

I tried these over several days and had no problems with leaks, although I seemed to get the impression that they held slightly less than the super Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies that I reviewed earlier this year. If I normally wore nappies and had a favourite brand/style, it would definitely be them.

That is not to say these nappies lack in any way for the diaper wearing adult baby or little, you just might have to have a change a little bit more frequently. Changes are fun!

These Cuddlz adult baby diapers are really nice if you are looking for a single-tape design: they have cute prints, they feel pleasingly wide between your legs, the inside is very comfortable and they are generally leak resistant. Did I have fun in the Cuddlz single-tape adult nappies? You bet your arse!

Davy's are in a Cuddlz single-tape nappy

I have a brilliant new smartphone, a Samsung Note8 (thank you LC for that). Quite by chance I discovered its Gallery app will make videos out of any photos you take within a short period of time. It made a video of the photoshoot I did with these nappies; so if you want to see some pictures scrolling around with added animations and fun music press play below.

I am now going to let daddy put me in one of these Cuddlz single-tape adult diapers put on a OnesiesDownUnder onesie (plus some purple trousers, Sponge Bob socks and my purple shoes) and go out to lunch – Soupy twist!

Oh yes, before I waddle off to lunch, I must apologise for the huge gap since I last posted something. Problem is, I was being operated on and treated for cancer. That did not really make me in the mood to write much. I am not so happy about this (we have understatement in England).😭😰