Cuddlz new leg snap footed sleeper – it is the best ever!

Cuddlz are selling really great stuff these days! You may recall I loved their cotton footed sleeper in a recent review. This time I am reviewing a footed sleeper with snaps down the inside of each leg and it is the best sleeper ever. Why? Because it has a dinosaur print, and let me make clear (with the video below and this one from The 15 Stone Babies) if there is one little dinosaur it is me!

I shall give you a close-up of the material because the print is so nice:

You maybe able to see the word augelute. You can find on the web that this is a manufacturer of smaller babies clothes (do not contact them). Therefore, either Cuddlz are buying material from a baby clothes maker, or they’ve got a baby clothes maker to make clothes for we larger little people. Either one of these would be fantastic as it means we are getting real kid stuff just in our sizes! WEHAY!

The difference between this sleeper and the last totally brilliant one I reviewed, apart from the material, is that this one has snaps down the legs to make nappy changes easier.

I am four and big so I do not often wear nappies, but you can see how the leg snaps work in these pictures of me showing off my training pants that I also bought from Cuddlz.

Now, the leg snaps are brilliant. Not only because you can open them all up, but also because they stay closed when you need them to. I have bought sleepers with leg snaps from a lot of suppliers and they seem to pop open if you even think about them. They will pop open when you sit down, when you lie down, when you move about in bed, all the blimmin time!

Cuddlz leg snaps are not like this. They hold tight in all situations, apart from when you actually want to open them for a nappy change. I do not often need nappy changes, but having them makes me feel a little bit more little – I rather like that (even though I am definitely four!).

If you want a sleeper with leg snaps, Cuddlz should be your first, and I would suggest your only, port of call. The leg snaps on this sleeper are simply wonderful – they take they Cuddlz footed sleeper from brilliant to nec plus ultra. I do not think you will find a more comfortable and practical sleeper anywhere.

“Practical footed sleeper”? Of course! You do not just have to use it for sleeping:

You can wear Cuddlz footed sleeper when you are doing your daily little work. Here I am wearing to run the sweet shop, Sweetie Puss Sweets, that my big brother and I made:

Naturally, a footed sleeper is brilliant for simply playing and messing around in:

So, there we have it, an extremely comfortable, practical and well designed on the little-front footed sleeper that is (at least vicariously) a piece of real kids’clothing. This is the best sleeper I have ever owned and this little dinosaur heartily recommends you immediately go to Cuddlz website and score one for yourself.

Just before I finish I want to apologise to Cuddlz for the tardiness in writing this review. Unfortunately, after I had taken all the pictures for this review I started throwing up blood! Egads! This got me a stay in hospital, and even when I left I felt so awful I could not write without feeling even worse. So my apologies for the slow arrival of this review, but thank you so much for making the best footed sleeper for littles and adult babies I have ever encountered in my long life as a little person.