Horizon – why did I go mad? (Video link)

On Tuesday evening The Editor, the producer of the Horizon program and I went out for a little meal then came back to Toddllerism Towers to watch the episode of Horizon. Lawks, it was terribly good. Strangely, I found myself feeling a lot of… empathy for myself. Like most loons I just keep battling on and try not to let things get to me. However, the Horizon program showed, with no exaggeration at all, that I have a really hard time. It was quite difficult to watch.

Then, as soon as the program finished, the bad scallops I had for dinner kicked in and I spent all of Tuesday night and all of Wednesday being violently ill. I’m still not feeling great. I will have words with that restaurateur today.

But anyway, if you didn’t catch the program here is a link to it on YouTube:

That is, of course, Copyright BBC, and their hawkish legal people may take it down.

  • I watched it yesterday on iPlayer and thought you came over really well – clear and coherent about all the crazy stuff you were seeing. Not really sure the footage they cut away actually helped in imagining what might be seen, but overall it was very watchable.

    • Thank you for watching! I found it a remarkably good popular science program; I was very pleased to be part of something that would enhance the understanding of something a lot of people, including me, suffer from. I’m glad you liked it and I apologise for the delay in replying, but, alas, I have had terrible food poisoning that started within moments of the program finishing!!

  • Thomas Wood

    Your insights are interesting regarding what is going on while experiencing psychosis. Of course, I myself have Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome version. Typically, we autistics do not experience hallucinations and delusions. But we experience unusual cognitive sensory sensitivities that for us are unpleasant at times, causing withdrawal from the outside world.

    • Glad you had the chance to watch it, Woody, I thought you might find it interesting!

      • Thomas Wood

        As I said, Autism is different from Psychosis. But, I do have a friend with Asperger’s Syndrome type Autism who does have Schizophrenia. He is in remission, but the drugs did a number on his body and health.