Super comfy Dotty Diaper Company adult nappies

Super Boompa nappy

Let me make one thing about the Dotty Diaper Company’s adult nappies: yes, they have nice prints, yes, they fit well, even when full and my can they get full, but what I love about them is that they are incredibly comfy and feel lovely. When you get changed into a fresh Dotty Diaper Company adult nappy, you will feel loved and cared for like you never have before.

Let me do the whole spiel. These are the insides of Dotty Diaper Company adult diapers. To be honest, there is not that much to tell the difference between the Dotty Pony adult baby nappy and the Super Boompa adult diaper. But Toddlerism aims to be complete, so here is the picture of the inside of the Dotty Ponies adult baby diaper:

Inside of Dotty Ponies diaper

You can see good inside leg guards and a hyper-absorbent zone in the middle – all good stuff. Here is the picture of the inside of the Super Boompa adult nappy:

Inside of Super Boompa diaper

Not much difference? No, but this is a good thing. You see, the inside of those adult baby diapers are as soft as silk and feel an absolute delight against your skin. I admit I did not try on every single type of adult diaper I had in the playroom for an exact comparison, but I cannot remember feeling so comfortable in any nappy after daddy has put one on me and I have had a little wriggle about to see how they feel. They are truly wonderful when dry.

Moreover, because of that blue absorption zone all fluid is kept away from your skin, even when they are rather wet – it must be filled with the latest and greatest fluid absorption gels – so they are great to wear even when they are wet. Let me make this abundantly clear: These are extraordinarily comfortable adult baby nappies. I went all gooey and cuddly when I was first put in one!

So let us have a look at the outside, Super Boompa up first:

Outside of Super Boompa diaper

Is that not a brilliant design? They are super hero nappies! Even a big four-year-old like me would not mind too much being put in a nappy as cool as that (if the Super Boompa t-shirts were available in ‘extremely large four year old’-size I would instantly buy one to advertise I was a super-hero little boy with super-hero little boy diapers to match).

You ca see they have a thickened plastic strip as a landing area for the tapes and, as some people seem obsessed with, they have a plastic outer cover. But that design! Phew… what
a scorcher!

Now here is the outside of the Dotty Ponies adult nappy:

Outside of Dotty Ponies diaper

Erm… yeah… Well, if you are more of a little girl I can see how you would really like this adult baby diaper. Cute ponies, pink background, lots of pretty dots, that is the kind of thing you girls like, is it not? I think so, but I dare not pry too deeply into the minds of girls; they might try and kiss me or something!

That being said, I am completely confident in my sexuality (which is to say, I am a little boy, so too young for sex) so I do not feel the slightest bit embarrassed wearing a Dotty Diaper Company Ponies and Dots adult nappy for this photo shoot.

Since we have had a look at the outside of the nappy, I should mention the one, very slight, downside to these richly coloured adult baby nappies. The printing on the plastic outside is very slightly water soluble. I would not wear these without any protection under light coloured clothes if you are planning to practise for your next game of Who has the heaviest diaper?

The solution is simple, wear some colourless, transparent plastic pants on top. They will allow you to show off your mega cute diaper whilst protecting from leaks and keeping the printed cover ink off your clothes. Simples!

So when I suggested playing “Who has the heaviest nappy?” in these, do you stand a chance of winning? You bet you do!

The Dotty Diaper Company claims these will hold five litres. I imagine that is an unworn, test to destruction measurement, but even when you wear them you can strain the vegetables (cooking euphemism) lots of times and things can get pretty dangly after a while – wear a good onesie if you will have to wait a long time between changes!

With the batch I tested, I wore mine under transparent plastic pants and suffered no leaks when walking around Winchester, playing around with my toys on the floor or when I slept for absolutely ages! (I am still surprised that my body remembers how to act if I am sleeping wearing an adult nappy.) In terms of absorption these are easily comparable with the wonderful Cuddlz adult baby diapers I reviewed recently.

So here I am in Super Boompa nappies:

Do not I look quite the action-ready, super hero little boy? These ae just as thirsty as the Ponies and Dots little girl diapers, but are obvious far better because they are blue for boys! ?

So would I recommend the Dotty Diaper Company’s adult diapers above the Cuddlz all-over printed nappies? There are several points to consider.

Firstly, the Dotty Diaper Company’s adult baby diapers are a shade more expensive than Cuddlz. This may not bother you if you are buying them for occasional use when you want to look extra cute. For day to day use this extra cost might add up. It really depends on how big a wad you have got.

Secondly, whilst there may be nothing between them as far as absorbency goes, the Dotty Diaper Company’s adult nappies are the most satisfying inanimate objects you will ever put between your legs. They are incredibly comfortable – so very soft. Whilst the Cuddlz adult baby diapers are also very comfortable, the Dotty Diaper Company wins on this point.

Next, the adult diapers are not quite aimed at the same markets. Cuddlz are definitely adult baby diapers, they are more for the youngest of mindsets. Naturally there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, they fill this niche incredibly well. The Dotty Diaper Company is targeting slightly older littles, who might want specifically girlish, or a bit more grown up nappies so they do not feel too babyish. I would fit into this latter category, for example.

The final point is very minor, but if you do not wear plastic pants over your nappies (and you should, you know?) then you might not like some of the ink coming off the Dotty Diaper Company’s diapers onto your clothes, floor, walls, etc. Of course, the ink will wash off, so you will not be ruining any of your beautiful little boy/girl clothes.

Thus, the answer is an unsatisfying ‘it depends’. One thing is for sure, the Dotty Diaper Company do make excellent adult nappies, I had a wonderful time testing them out over a few days. If you want something more youthful than a stuffy old incontinence pad, they are one of only two places I would recommend you get your carer to direct their funds. Top job, Dotty Diaper Company, you make superb nappies!