Cuddlz brilliant new adult baby nappy

Davy in a Cuddlz all-over printed adult nappy

Cuddlz were one of the first “treat littles/adult babies like normal customers of a normal shop”-new wave of companies – not everything of theirs has been brilliant, but their new all over printed nappies/diapers are absolutely fantastic! As I am now four and supposedly too big for nappies, and have had no real interest in them for a couple of years, I am quite surprised to be so happy to be wearing one now and feel Cuddlz adult diaper’s thick, deep padding around me!

I imagine you are keen to have a look at this adult nappy/adult diaper. First, the outside – what everyone else sees:

A Cuddlz all-over printed adult nappy

Those prints are terribly cute, are they not? Much better than the old Cuddlz printed nappies and up there with the very best I have seen.

Some of you will be very pleased to note that they have a plastic outer, and indeed they look quite a lot like an old-fashioned Pampers-type nappy/diaper. I am not necessarily taken with plastic covers: they get punctured easily and they have a tendency to weep if you let a really big gush go.

However, even though I liked modern baby/toddler nappies/diapers when I was a toddler, these are so cute I am totally smitten.

You should be able to make out the tape landing zone, that has an extra layer of clear plastic on it. This increases the strength of the tapes’ connection to the nappy, making them less likely to come off. Two tapes are plenty strong enough even to hold this big, thick nappy on.

Let us move onto the action zone – the inside:

The inside of the nappy

That padding is very thick and feels very soft when you are wearing one. Indeed, the Cuddlz all-over printed nappies are so thick that when you put them on you need to pull them up very tightly between your legs to make sure the fit is good and they do not leak – it is best to get someone to put you them on you. Thank you, daddy!

The padding claims to hold up to five litres. This is presumably a ‘maximum fill whilst unworn’-test like with most adult nappies/adult diapers: do not expect to be walking around with five kilos of wee hanging from around your waist! We shall get to their thirstiness below (Ha ha ha!).

There are inner leg elastics; essential for any adult baby nappy/adult baby diaper. With the thickness of the adult nappy/diaper sometimes making the leg elastics themselves open up a bit as you walk/crawl around you definitely need these to stop leaks – they work a treat!

I would suggest, with a nappy this thick, that it would be sensible to wear a onesie when you wear the Cuddlz all-over printed nappies. A onesie will hold everything tight to your body so nothing hangs down and makes leaks more likely.

Cuddlz have an excellent selection of onesies, my favourite being the digger and truck onesie that I am pictured wearing below with my soft toy flounder, Flat Fiss. I love Flat Fiss, he lives on my pillow under my head and stops bad dreams from getting in. Here are the pictures. (As usual, Tumblr/RSS/EMail readers will have to come to the Toddlerism post to see the pictures.)

Now we finally move onto wearing the adult nappy/diaper – what a lovely experience it is! The padding, as I said, is really thick and feels lovely. You know you are a little person when you have one of these on – even when it is dry you find yourself waddling a bit. You can see that they are big and thick in the photos below. I am a big little person and the Cuddlz all-over printed nappies seem the right scale for littles/adult babies.

Even though they are big, they do not rub or chafe on the inside of your legs like some adult nappies. I walked around Winchester several times when I whilst wearing these and found them perfectly comfortable. I look comfortable in the photos below, do I not?

They are very thirsty! I found the Cuddlz all-over printed nappies needed changing a little while after I woke up (amazing that my body remembered how to behave in my sleep whilst I was wearing an adult diaper). I would be whining for a change just before my afternoon nap and, of course, just before bed. Three nappies a day (you will need more if you are a very thirsty leaky little/adult baby) is impressively good going!

The cheapest you can buy the Cuddlz all-over printed nappy is if you buy eighty, when they work out at £1.10 each. Yes, normal incontinence pads are cheaper, and often hold as much, but they don’t provide quite so much of a little experience. If you are going to wear them regularly, eighty isn’t such a huge purchase and if you can last with three a day, you’ll be soaked and happy almost all month. Cuddlz are not over-charging.

The whole experience with the Cuddlz all-over printed nappy is just super! You feel very little whilst putting them on, wearing them and using them. If you are just playing around with some friends whilst in a nappy/diaper and a t-shirt you will feel the cutest little kid there! I am really taken with them, even though I am a big four year old. So well done, Cuddlz, top job!

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