Finally! A cute, cotton, footed sleeper.

Davy ready for bed

Fleece! I hate the stuff! Unfortunately, it seems that all my favourite items of kid clothing, footed sleepers with cute prints, all seem to be made from the hateful polar fleece. It is just too hot unless you are sleeping in a tent in the Arctic.

So imagine my happiness when I got an email from Cuddlz advertising a new product they were selling: a cotton footed sleeper with cute prints! I was also pleased that Cuddlz were not gouging we littles/adult babies on price – they are only £29.99 each. This is extremely reasonable.

Alas, there is only one print on offer, but it is a really cute print with lots of lovely animals on it. I do think Cuddlz could learn something from Onesiesdownunder and get material with larger prints on them – we may be littles/adult babies but we are physically large!

If you are an adult baby and still wear diapers/nappies you will be pleased that as well as having snaps along the front, there are snaps down the inside of each leg to facilitate changes. If you are a little, like me, you will be pleased that those snaps are very tight and do not pop open when you are asleep (or when you spend all day wearing it as I have done repeatedly).

The cotton is very soft and breathable, and there is 5% Spandex in it so it will stretch if you suddenly have to run away because your big brother has just comes into the room with his wooden sword! Heeeeelllpppp, daddy!

They are comfortable, cute, reasonably priced and made of cotton (with leg snaps, if those interest you), so therefore I unreservedly recommend Cuddlz cotton footed sleeper with cute prints. Get them whilst Cuddlz have stock, I bet there will be a lot of demand.

Now pictures of me are always good in the ego-department, so here’s is a collage of me wearing my sleeper (click to enlarge):