Last of top 5 little and adult baby suppliers

Davy with Nici toys

My choice for position 5 in the best 5 little/adult baby suppliers is Amazon. This may seem a little weird. but when you start searching through Amazon’s catalogue there is an awful lot of little/adult baby stuff.

I shall give you a few examples before I get on to the main reason I have put them in the top 5. You can buy adult nappies/adult diapers, footed sleepers, adult shortallsadult dummies/pacifiers and childish pillows, etc., etc

The real reason that I love Amazon is that they sell soft toys from Nici – my favourite stuffy toy makers. What I like about Nici is that they make a broad range of soft toy animals that are 50cm tall – this is the perfect size for a large little person. You have probably seen me with a lot of Nici soft toys – including top teddy Toast – throughout this blog. Below is a picture of all my 50cm Nici toys:

Nici soft toys

Are they not simply lovely? Perfect for any larger little person; I’m 4 and I carry Toast the teddy around with me everywhere (I have a reason additional to being four for this). American readers can find 50cm Nici toys here, British readers can see the range of 50cm Nici toys here.

That concludes my list of the top five little/adult baby suppliers! You should be able to get anything you want with this list:

Top supplier: Onesiesdownunder
Second top supplier:
Third supplier: Snaps4u
Fourth supplier: Inner Child
Fifth top supplier: Amazon


Davy with Nici toys