Best little and adult baby suppliers 3 of 5: Snaps4u

Who you gonna call?

Snaps4u went through a tough patch, but I am pleased to report their re-entry into the world of little/adult baby clothes production!

Snaps4u make custom little/adult baby clothing, so they are not sent out the day you place the order. However, it is worth waiting a few weeks to get stuff as brilliant these:

I think my requirement for shortalls is now vastly beyond fulfilled, but whilst chatting to one of the Snaps4u team they mentioned they also made training pants. Daddy prefers it that I wear training pants (even though I am four and big! Humph!), so now I have two pairs being made for me from really cute, boyish-patterned material. Pictures will have to wait until I receive them.

Snaps4u may not be the cheapest supplier on the net, but they make very cute, extremely high quality clothes that will make you pleased as ninepence. If you want a very special, unique item, you first port of call should be here.

You can contact them via email. Do send my best regards!