Best little and adult baby suppliers 3 of 5: Snaps4u

Who you gonna call?

Snaps4u went through a tough patch, but I am pleased to report their re-entry into the world of little/adult baby clothes production!

Snaps4u make custom little/adult baby clothing, so they are not sent out the day you place the order. However, it is worth waiting a few weeks to get stuff as brilliant these:

I think my requirement for shortalls is now vastly beyond fulfilled, but whilst chatting to one of the Snaps4u team they mentioned they also made training pants. Daddy prefers it that I wear training pants (even though I am four and big! Humph!), so now I have two pairs being made for me from really cute, boyish-patterned material. Pictures will have to wait until I receive them.

Snaps4u may not be the cheapest supplier on the net, but they make very cute, extremely high quality clothes that will make you pleased as ninepence. If you want a very special, unique item, you first port of call should be here.

You can contact them via email. Do send my best regards!

  • Brian

    So nice, to see you can really enjoy your life style. I have been an adult baby all my life. I love baby clothes, and wearing Diapers and baby plastic pants. I wish I could be a toddler full time. But my loving wife, doesn’t like that idea. I appreciate your website, very much. Thank you, for sharing your life with us.

    • Oh I’m pleased my site has given you a bit of pleasure. My partner is also a little like me and so realise how lucky I am to have a partner who understands me. I cannot begin to know how to approach your situation, but if not being a little/abdl is making you depressed you need to take some action. Depression is terrible to live with and poisons your thoughts about everything including yourself. I will have to leave sorting out a resolution to you – but let me assure you, in total truth and absolute honesty, there is nothing, nothing at all, wrong with being an ab/little, and you are not a bad person because these traits are part of your personality. Being little is wonderfully fun and loving, how can that be bad?

    • Brian

      Your so right, thanks for your thoughts. I am not depressed, and will pray, as I do, about everything. I know that God will help me find a way. Thanks for your reply, God Bless, and be a happy Baby always.

      • I’m 4 years old, not a baby! As such I am a little rather than an AB. Our next door neighbour is a relationship counsellor, who knows me and my partner are littles; she has commented that she has dealt with more unusual problems than one partner wanting to be little. Seeing a relationship counsellor might be a more active, effective and useful way of sorting out the problems you and your wife face. I am a strong advocate of the power of talking therapies – they can be incredibly helpful.

        As for praying for guidance goes I’ll leave that somewhat questionable method of solving problems to you and whatever god it is that you pray to – there are just so many to choose from! Praying is something I am pleased to report my life has been mercifully free from.