Best little/adult baby suppliers 4 of 5: Inner Child

My fourth choice for the best little/adult baby suppliers is Inner Child. Until recently it was impossible to get a cute adult pacifier/dummy in an adult size without selling a kidney – unless you shopped at Inner Child.

Inner Child is a one man organisation. A retired fellow decided he would fill the gap in the market for affordable adult dummies/pacifiers, bought a load of dummies and began converting them to have adult size sucky parts.

He initially started out with Nuk 5 sucky parts culled from Nuk Medic Pros, but if you look at his new, re-vamped website you will see he has scored some large sized silicone sucky end as well.

Where Inner Child excels in in the breadth and diversity of pacifier shields you can choose for your adult dummy/adult pacifier. There are all sorts of motifs on the front you can choose from. If you just want a multi-coloured adult pacifier/dummy then his range of ‘Spanish style’ adult pacifiers gives you plenty to choose from.

The owner answers emails as soon as he can, but his priority is getting the large number of orders he receives out the door, so an email might not be answered with frightening speed. However, the speed with which he customises and dispatches the adult pacifiers is admirable.

His pricing is very keen and he attempts to make international shipping as cheap as possible.

If you are looking for a specific adult pacifier/adult dummy of your dreams, chances are you will get it from Inner Child.