My NEW favourite little/adult baby suppliers (1 of 5)

I love my new onesies

Before I begin, I should say that it took me days and days just to write up the supplier whom I consider the best for little/adult baby goods. This is because I am suicidally depressed and motivating myself to do anything, apart from killing myself, is virtually impossible. However, I have given my emergency suicide stash of morphine to daddy, and days are very long when you are not dead, so I managed to finishing off my quick review of whom I consider to, currently, be the best little/adult baby supplier on the internet.

This post was supposed to have five suppliers in it, to replace my old ‘top 5’ post. That post is rather old and some of the supplierson it have gone tits-up – so a new post seemed in order. Alas, due to the reasons I explained above, it will have to be a series of five posts. I shall try to right them as quickly as I am capable. Right, the post – we begin with top of the pile:

OnesiesDownUnder-as-for-ToddlerismFirst place: OnesiesDownUnder

OnesiesDownUnder are a new addition to this list and they leap straight into first place! There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, OnesiesDownUnder is run by a Big/little couple who got tired of being ripped off by all those naughty suppliers who charge the Earth for inferior products and think they can get away with it because they are selling to a niche market. They decided to get some professionally made products (mainly onesies and pacifiers/dummies at this stage) and still them at prices a normal clothes shop would still their goods at. This means when you buy from OnesiesDownUnder you are buying quality goods at honest process.

This brings me onto my second point: OnesiesDownUnder don’t just sell at honest prices – they sell at prices not ever seen before in the adult baby market. The owners, Andrew and Olive, respect their clientele, who have been abused by predatory adult baby suppliers for so long, so charge prices way beyond keen, but they are actually cheap! I do not use that term in any disparaging manner, it is just that Andrew and Olive charge the normal price for items that have been ordered in large numbers from a normal clothes company, and made to a standard pattern.

And that brings me onto my third reason for putting OnesiesDownUnder in first place: the goods they sell. OnesiesDownUnder sell real children’s clothes that have been scaled up to fit adults.

OnesiesDownUnder pacifiersTheir pacifiers/dummies have silicone sucky parts, which are the shape a chronological kid would sucking, only scaled up to be comfortable in an adult’s mouth. And they certainly are comfortable – my OnesiesDownUnder pacifier has become my bedtime suck! They are really top flight pacifiers and, as I said above, highly affordable.

If the pacifiers are great, which they are, then the onesies ate amazing! They are real, scaled up, kids’ onesies, which means they fulfill the task of a onesie; they hold things up and in place, even when they get heavy and would be sagging with lesser onesies. They achieve this by being designed, like a kids’ onesie, to be of a body hugging fit of slightly elastic material – the onesie clings rightly to your body and holds everything in place! Great pieces of design, most certainly.

OnesiesDownUnderThere is more than correct fit to the OnesiesDownUnder onesies, there is the lovely design to their patterns. Rather than using a normal nursery print that would look out of proportion and wrongly scaled on a 6’3″ little boy like me, Andrew and Olive have either bought or designed materials that have prints  big enough to look great on bigger little people. I look really fantastic in my spaceships onesie!

The final elements determining OnesiesDownUnder top rank in this chart is the team behind it. Andrew and Olive run everything efficiently, get orders out the door quickly and deal with any queries with a friendly charm. They are really lovely people. I am sure that if you had any queries about any of their items they’d be only too happy to help and you would receive a speedy reply from the team. I greatly enjoyed my couple of little email exchanges with Andrew and Olive. Lovely people, and we like businesses run by lovely people and want to buy from them, don’t we, children?

OnesiesDownUnder is one of the latest additions to the ever growing list of adult baby/little suppliers who treat selling to their market how any normal business would sell to their clients. The clients here are not viewed as a niche market who can be gouged for stacks of money because there is no competition. Now there is quality competition who treat their niche market like a normal market.

The scandalous rip off merchants now have, in the form of companies like OnesiesDownUnder, competition who will under cut them in prices and out performed them in terms of quality.  I, and I am sure the vast majority of my readers, wish you every success, Andrew and Olive!