Best suppliers 2 of 5: Baby-Pants

I really love If you are a little or adult baby you should love the company too and be a regular customer too. They sell all kinds of wonderful things, charge extremely reasonable prices and have top-tier customer service (tip: if you have a query to direct to them, start your email with “Dear Mommy”). They are a truly wonderful supplier – so much so that they were the first advertiser I thought worthy of advertising on Toddlerism. were one of the first of the ‘new breed’ of little/adult baby suppliers. They get stocks of items made to their requirements from a normal clothes(/whatever) manufacturer and sell them on at the prices of normal clothes. Everything is very reasonably priced – they do not rip us off just because we have a different lifestyle. And for that they are to be applauded!

My absolute favourite item that sell, and are essential part of any little’s summer wardrobe, are their shortalls. They are so great! They come is blue denim or hickory-striped denim (for those littles who want to grow up to be a train driver). Here are some random pictures:

They have brilliant branding on the metal buttons and on the back of the straps.

They also have snaps going through the crotch, that I do not need as I am four so don’t wear diapers. These snaps I really like because, unlike any other set of shortalls with snaps that I have ever purchased, they do not all pop open the moment the moment you make too long a stride (to avoid stepping on a crack in the pavement so the bears do not get you) or sit down. Then it looks like you are wearing a skirt! I hate snaps like that! snaps will only pop open when someone needs to open them. This is brilliant! Well done,! also sell good nursery-printed onesies and t-shirts in the same material. I like the fact that they come with snaps in the shoulder – this is really cute. The nursery prints are good, but not great as they are more chronological baby size, not scaled up for we larger little people, so they seem very small and are hardly visible from a distance.

I may not wear nappies, but Daddy is careful with his little boys so I have to wear training pants. The best ones you can buy come from, again in slightly too small nursery prints. They are dead comfy and I haven’t embarrassed Daddy with an accident in them yet! sell oodles of really brilliant little/adult baby kit, if you have never visited their site you must immediately! They are nigh perfect; so the only reason they are in second place is because I’m moody about their pacifiers that I do not like. But basically they are a must visit supplier. Go to now!