Onesies from OnesiesDownUnder


OnesiesDownUnder are one of the very best new arrivals on the little/Adult Baby supplier-scene in recent times. They do not try to charge insane amounts for ‘vanity’ diapers (that in order to afford, you have to sell all but two of the adult diapers on eBay). Rather OnesiesDownUnder sell adult pacifiers and adult onesies that are high quality, very keenly priced and can be used as they are intended to be used.

OnesiesDownUnder is run by a little and Big couple who were so tired of the lack of decent little/Adult Baby supplies in Australia and the horrendous cost of importing them that they decided to get a batch of stuff made and sell their own little and Adult Baby goods.

You cannot get better adult onesies than those sold by OnesiesDownUnder. They are real onesies, in the sense of them being a tight fit in order to hold something in place. Most adult onesies one finds on the net are simply modified t-shirt designs, and so do not have the correct shape to be supportive.

This is not the case of OnesiesDownUnder adult onesies. They fit like a glove (no, you do not need five legs;) and support the heaviest of loads. The snaps in the crotch are really strong so do not fly open at inconvenient moments.

OnesiesDownUnder have incredibly cute designs. This brings me to the adult onesie I have been lusting after and also the part of this post which is great in the ego-department – lots of pictures of me walking around Winchester in the adult onesie (and shortalls). I will just add that OnesiesDownUnder have a wide range of materials for their adult onesies, and this spaceship one is my favourite!

I shall return to OnesiesDownUnder to examine their other main product: adult pacifiers. You can never have enough fun things, eh?

  • KawaiiPrincessOTS

    Glad I found this site and this review of OnesiesDownUnder’s product. The one you’re wearing is actually the exact pattern I planned to get as my first onesie, and it’s nice to see a review on how they fit. As someone who has never bought a onesie before, I was worried that it might not fit properly or that it might be large and fit very loosely, but I see it fits well! 🙂

    • The print is brilliant! I’ve wanted mine twice so far and the colours don’t seem to have faded.

      As far as the fit goes just make sure you check the size guide and buy according to that. I ordered 2XL (because I am a very large four year old) and expected it to be loose and baggy. But no! It fit just like a real onesies should, right enough to fit my body and ‘hold things up’! I cannot recommend these REAL onesies highly enough.