OnesiesDownUnder sell world class onesies

View from the bed

There is always a sense of nervousness when one is sent gifts to review. If they are rubbish do you rip them apart with florid abuse and alienate a potential friend? Are you polite but refrain from making too many (noncommittal) comments? Do you simply refuse to review the items?

Luckily, with the adult pacifiers and adult onesies I have recently procured from OnesiesDownUnder are so totally brilliant I do not need to do any of these nasty tricks. OnesiesDownUnder are a company of very highest order!

The onesies are spectacular! They have great, bigger little/AB sized prints; larger than normal little/AB prints on onesies so they look appropriately scaled on even a 6’3” four year old like me. The quality of construction is peerless, with crotch snaps you really have to have an insane number of nappies on for them to pop open. This has never happened to me whilst I have been walking around lovely, lovely Winchester.

And the are real onesies. I shall explain after I have shown off one of the onesies I have got from them.

As you can tell I really like it (and I love Toast!).

So what do I mean by ‘real onesies’. The point of a onesie is to hold things in place and stop your nappy/diaper from sagging. The onesies from OnesiesDownUnder achieve this quality with a brilliant degree of competence! It does mean that you have to be careful and choose the right size – but that is hardly a trauma, now is it?

More after these views of the other onesie I obtained:

Fantastic, eh?

Real onesies, like those sold by OnesiesDownUnder, are skin tight and the you have to pull them down as far as you can to get them to stretch over your nappy/diaper to get the snaps to fasten. When you have got it fixed on you will look mega little or mega adult baby.

These two onesies I got from OnesiesDownUnder show them to be the premier little clothing store. I am chuffed as ninepence with my onesies and wear them when I have been out (between the rain – blimmin English summer!) I look cracking with them and shortalls. I am the best dressed little boy in Winchester!

But wait! OnesiesDownUnder also sell other items – of equal quality and desirability. I scored three dummies/pacifiers from them. Two in a pastel beige/pink colour and one baby blue. The ones a got had text decoration on the non-action end. You can see them below:

The OnesiesDownUnder pacifiers are quite similar to the ones I reviewed here. They have the thickened edges of the silicone rubber to help keep them in shape and they are quit the right size for huge little boys like me.

However, OnesiesDownUnder pacifiers are available in many different colours. Some are really cute and incredibly fun. I do not really need one as I have so many dummies, but OnesiesDownUnder are now my favourite pacifier supplier!

Now, we have established that OnesiesDownUnder are the current zenith of adult baby/little merchants. But there is one further advantage to buying from them: the Australian dollar is so low they are a very cheap supplier. The blue pacifier I go cost £7.70 (~US$11). The space onesie (that will be my next purchase) costs a mosquito’s tweeter over £20.

If I could ask for one more product from OnesiesDownUnder it would be to make some t-shirts in their wonderful printed materials. I am a little, four years old, rather than a baby, so I only really use onesies when daddy makes me wear a diaper/nappy for a long journey. However, the materials that these onesies are made from are so good I will wear them even though, strictly speaking, I will not be using them for their intended purpose. Once I get some money (sadly a rare occurrence) that space onesie will be mine!

These prices from OnesiesDownUnder show that they are not gouging littles and adult babies. They are perfectly reasonably priced, not much difference to boring adult clothes if I am honest.

It is fantastic that more and more little/adult baby suppliers are just operating as normal businesses selling normal products to normal people. OnesiesDownUnder is the prime example, probably the best I’ve seen. We little people do not have to be ripped off anymore!

Looking at the broad range of goods OnesiesDownUnder sell, and the incredibly high quality of the goods I have no hesitation in recommending OnesiesDownUnder as the first place you should look at to buy goods that are for your ‘real’ age. OnesiesDownUnder are simply smashing!

Many thanks to Shane for showing me this excellent company!