Sucky stuff and stats

My new pacifiers

It is the fourth anniversary of and we celebrate with adult dummies/pacifiers and some stats about my readers over the past four years.

First up, I have some new adult dummies/pacifiers from Inner-Child. I have reviewed these before and I really like them. Here are some pictures of the most recent two I have acquired:

They look pretty good, do they not? I really like them. I find it easy to sleep with them and they are comfortable for general use. I highly recommend Inner-Child adult pacifiers, co cannot really go wrong with them.

However, a lot of people have been after silicone sucky bits on their adult pacifiers. I have reviewed the adult pacifiers from and Cuddlz and found them lacking.

Then, about a week ago a friend pointed me toward the eBay store of babea0, where s/he sells silicone sucky part adult dummies. They look good, and they are very keenly priced.

One feature of them I like is that at the edges of the sucky part they have thickened silicone rubber. This helps keep them in shape when you are sucking them. Have a look:

The babea0 adult pacifiers only come in pink or blue, so if you want to have colourful or printed adult pacifiers, off you go to Inner-Child.

However, I really like the babea0 adult dummies, my one is my new favourite dummy. I cannot recommend them highly enough and if you want an adult pacifier than I suggest this be your first port of call. They are really top kit!

Now, in a ‘good for the ego’-move here are some pictures of me modelling these three pacifiers. You can skip past these, if you like, and get to the juicy stats about that readers of Toddlerism during its first four years online!

Right, now the 4th anniversary stats porn! I am afraid I cannot give my stats in as much detail as I would like as I discovered at the end of last year that Google Analytics had not been collecting data from all my sites for almost six months – so I cannot give complete details from Google. All that follows comes from the somewhat less satisfactory WordPress stats module.

Big numbers first! Toddlerism has displayed 1,066,320 pages in the last four years for the delectation of 387,137 readers. This means each visitor reads, on average, 2.75 posts.

The greatest number of pages (404,120) are read by people coming from search engines; I have limited data about incoming searches, but the most common search term for finding me appears to be ‘adult baby clothes’. My biggest audience, having read a whopping great 488,743 pages, are people from the USA. The U.K. audience is second with 251,646 pages viewed.

The day that had the most pages read was 14 February 2014 with 3,608 pages viewed. The most popular day for reading is Sunday, with 16% of all views, the busiest hour is 22:00 (UK time) with 6% of all page views.

I have published 139 posts, which is 34.75 every year, 2.83 a month or 0.67 posts every week. Given the total number of post views, and the number of posts I have written, each post has been read, on average, 7,671 times.

The post with most comments (25) is ‘Why am I little?’, second is ‘Would you use a pacifier in public?’ with 12 comments.

The page that has been viewed most often (excluding the homepage) is Adult Baby hypnosis files with 76,878 views; the most read post being ‘Adult pacifiers from Inner Child’ with 20,186 views. My most clicked outgoing link is to, with 22,725 people heading to that fine supplier of little goods.’s Facebook page is followed by 398 people, my @LittleBoyDavy Twitter account has 374 followers and my Tumblr account has 370 followers.

How I can give stats for this site running for exactly four years when I am only four years old is a mystery I will leave you to solve…