My Diapers Animals

My Diapers Animals pack

I was browsing a new Adult Baby online store, Diaper Minister, and I saw they were selling My Diapers Animalsadult diapers with an animal print. I thought they looked pretty cute, and wondered about getting some for guests.

Then I thought that, even though I am four years old and big, I may as well get a packet of My Diapers Animals adult diapers in my size so I could review them. To be honest, I felt a bit silly thinking about wearing nappies again, but I was prepared to give it a shot for the further enlightenment of you, my dear readers.

I ordered a packet of them and, as you can see below, the packaging is pretty cute for adult diapersMy Diapers Animals look like they could be dream adult nappies for someone wanting cute adult diapers as long as they did not mind paying shipping from France.

My Diapers Animals have a very cute print on their plastic backing, which I model in the pictures below.

Each side is held on by two tapes, that fasten firmly, and they do not lose much of their stickiness if you try to refasten them. The adult diapers themselves feel fairly bulky, as you might expect with their claimed capacity of 4000ml. I did not get close to filling them when I wore them overnight or during the course of a normal day. They have plenty of leak guards should you drink more than me!

The have a very good fit, and do not sag much even when getting full – indeed they are quite comfortable. There is no rubbing if you wear them whilst walking a long way.

If you want adult nappies with a cute print these are some of the best I have seen – much better prints than even the old Fabines with a similar capacity.

However, getting them posted from France, even just to the UK, costs more than the My Diapers Animals themselves. I would not like to pay for shipping to the USA.

That being said, these are the cutest adult diapers I have seen, they hold a lot and, I know some people care about this, they have a plastic covering. If that is what you are after I cannot recommend these highly enough! Go now to Diaper Minister and make your purchase!

Rude little boy

I am too old to wear nappies!!

Just in case you wonder what I do when I am not hunting down new articles for, and; I compose music (here is a selection of recent tunes) and I draw from time to time. I mention this because I have sketched a little self-portrait based on one of the pictures In the review above. Here it is:

A self portrait