Cake monster! Now in my store!

Cake monster!

At the prompting of Fenris Ackerman in my ‘Why am I little? post, I have created a mega-cute Cake Monster T-shirt that you can get in my store.

Alternatively, just click on the picture below and it will take you directly to the sales page:


This is just right for going into a baker’s shop growling, “I am a cake monster! Cake monster wants cake!” When I do this the extremely friendly people in our local bakers look at my partner and ask, “Is he allowed cake?”. Everybody grins and it is a very happy and little experience.

Now when we go into the baker’s just to buy bread they say, “No cake for the cake monster today?” Everybody grins again and it is another happy and little experience. All of the items in my Zazzle store have created happy and little moments for me on countless occasions.

So II strongly urge you to eat cake, and I highly recommend you to wear a cake monster T-shirt when you go to buy it! Hooray for cake!