Cuddlz adult pacifier and little pyjamas

The back of Cuddlz adult pacifier

A few months ago Cuddlz, a UK supplier of little/adult baby goods, released a new custom adult pacifier. Even though I am a big four-year-old I still sometimes like to sleep with a pacifier. I thought it was quite keenly priced at £8.99, so I got myself a white one (they also do them in pink… Pink is OK for trousers but not boy’s adult dummies!).

Here are a few pictures of the adult pacifier:

Long-time readers may think the same as I did when I first saw it. It looks remarkably like the adult pacifier I reviewed here.

A tiny bit of examination showed it is, in some way, related to the adult dummy, as it has their branding which you should be able to see in the picture below.

Baby Pants origin!

Since this is effectively a adult pacifier it suffers from the same problems that theirs do. The sucky part is just a little too large, the shield is too large and heavy so it drops out of your mouth at night.

The Cuddlz adult dummy may be a lot cheaper than the version, but I cannot recommend it. I still think the best adult pacifiers come from Inner-Child.

Just as a side note I got some little print pyjamas from Cuddlz that have a great little print and cool shorts. As I have commented before with Cuddlz clothes make sure you order them with generous sizing as they can often be on the small side.

Here are the Cuddlz little pyjamas:

Finally, I offer my deepest apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been incredibly ill, thanks to doctors messing about with my antipsychotic medication (it was terrible, for three months I was seeing and hearing things that no one should be made to experience). Once that was sorted out I developed cubital tunnel syndrome in my right arm that effectively stopped it from being useful for anything, certainly typing was out of the question. I sincerely hope normal service can now be resumed!

  • I really hope you can return to normal service, I find your reviews invaluable.

    • I hope I can. I’m not 100% well, but I should be able to review anything I get. It’s been a hard old time (not that I’m old, you understand 😉

  • Fenris Ackerman

    I’m so sorry you fell so ill! I’ll admit to googling your ailment and it sounds awfully painful, and that’s without the problems with your medication. I hope you can go back to feeling better again very soon!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Fenris! The problems with my arm and hand were really bad, but having been preceded by three months of awful psychosis and anxiety (I also suffer from PTSD and chronic psychosis) they were really too much to deal with. But my arm is going to be operated on soon and I’ve got the bonkers drugs sorted out so I should be back to my sprightly four-year-old self in no time at all! Thank you again for your kind words!

      • Fenris Ackerman

        No problem, you most definitely deserve some kind words! I’m so sorry for the late reply! Although I hope you have already gotten your operation so you can recover sooner, if you haven’t, I hope it goes well! I’m glad you got your medication sorted out though, my best friend, Ellen, has continual mishaps and problems with her medication, so I know firsthand how devastating that can be on one’s mental state. I’m sorry you had to go through that, so I hope you can go back to normal soon! At least you have some adorable pajamas to help you feel little again, I have to say I’m a little jealous, and now sorely tempted to get myself a pair!

      • My what a nice and friendly chap you are! Thank you for another lovely comment.
        My operation is on 15th April, but that’s not so long to wait. The only fly in the ointment is that the surgeon said my nerve will recover at the rate of about 1millimeter a week, so it’ll be about 40 weeks until my arm and hand stop hiring. Ho hum!
        The pyjamas are really good, the shorts are really ‘kid’! When I’m at home I often wear them all day (and open the door to people wearing them;).
        There is another set of pyjamas from Cuddlz that are really cute. They are brushed cotton so are really soft and comfy, you can get them in white or baby boy blue, and they have a teddy bear of the chest. They are soooo cute and sooio lovely to wear. They are pictured first in this post:
        Thank you for your concern about my mental health. As you said, it’s really hard and stressful (and damn scary when you see, hear and feel the kind of things I experience). But worry not, I am now properly medicated and, this is very good, I feel I have got over the depression that all those bad times caused me. I’m feeling really good, I’ve still got the psychotic symptoms I constantly have, but I can generally manage them.

        You do seen like a really nice person, would you be interested in having a chat? If do my contact details ate on the contacts page. Facebook chat is the Brest way of being hold of me, if not, Skype, and if not that my email is on that page too – I’ve got a great email address:)

        Thanks again, have a great weekend! *hugs*

      • Fenris Ackerman

        Oh yes, I remember seeing that post, thank you! Those pajamas are so so adorable, the bears on the front are just the sweetest touch! I’m not quite sure if I prefer the blue or the white, they’re both very cute! I think getting ‘little’ pajamas would probably be a good idea, as I feel my littlest all snuggled in bed, although this sometimes proves a problem when I’m trying to sleep as all I want to do is bounce off the walls like a child on a sugar rush! The closest I have to ‘little’ pajamas is this Star Trek t-shirt I brought online, to find it was way too large and thin to wear out, but was certainly soft enough to wear in bed. Plus, it’s blue and white, so it suits the job pretty well!

        I’m so happy you feel as though you have overcome your depression! One of the things my friend Ellen suffered through was depression, although this was a while back now, but she got better and now is the happiest I’ve seen her, so I hope this rings true for you as well! And I’m glad your operation isn’t too far into the future, and although it is expected to take a rather tediously long 40 weeks, I wish you a speedy recovery!

        Oh my, thank you so much for offering to chat, it means a lot! I hold a lot of admiration for you, and ever since I discovered this blog (which was actually the first website I came across when I finally decided to delve into the online world of adult babies), I have gained a lot of acceptance for what I – and we – are. As much as it pains me to say it (and I am completely aware this is because I take waayyy too long to reply, I apologize!) but it would have to be a very short chat if we decided to speak. I have a social obligation to fulfill at 8:00, I’m sorry! The old lady, Anne, who lives on my road guilt tripped me into going, as she basically runs our whole village, knows every soul in it, and I’m certain she’d discreetly and innocently announce my absence to everyone if I didn’t attend, I’m really sorry!

        But please, don’t misunderstand me, I’d much much rather be speaking to you, so I’m sorry, but would you mind if we talked another time? I’d love to have a chat with you, although this time I’ll try to reply in less that ten hours! Would you mind if we emailed (and yes, you have an amazing email address!)? I apologize, it’s just that my Facebook is incredibly embarrassing to look at – not that I’m anticipating you to flip through my photos – and I don’t happen to have Skype, unfortunately. Is that okay? If not, I totally understand!

        Sorry this reply is so long! Thank you for your kind words too! Have a nice weekend! *hugs*

      • You don’t have to apologise for the length of your reply or being unable to chat, I am very happy to have a nice comment on my site! You are welcome to email me anytime you want to or not at all if you so choose it’s entirely up to you. I just made the offer as you seemed like such a nice person and I like staying in contact with nice people. They are not obliged to stay in contact with me, naturally.
        I was going to publish an article today. I’ve written half of it then at 4pm I fell asleep until 22:30! 22:30 is when I’m normally falling asleep after a story, but I think I’ll stay up a bit longer after my massive afternoon/evening nap. I’ll help my partner/big brother with his work and see if I get a chance to write some more before I go to bed later. I hope you had a good day!

      • Fenris Ackerman

        Thank you again, you are very kind!
        Last night was extremely disappointing, I wish I hadn’t gone, to be honest. It was only an endless PowerPoint on the events happening this year, and we were all sent a letter about it anyway. And the speaker had a lovely voice which was practically lulling me to sleep!

        But yes, I’d adore to keep in contact with you! I’d like to speak with kind people too, and my previous endeavours to chat with adult babies all ended up with me explaining that it wasn’t sexual an never getting a response. But I know you’re definitely not like that, so I will email you soon, after I’ve read your new post, of course!
        I hope you and your partner/big brother have a lovely day!