Cuddlz adult pacifier and little pyjamas

The back of Cuddlz adult pacifier

A few months ago Cuddlz, a UK supplier of little/adult baby goods, released a new custom adult pacifier. Even though I am a big four-year-old I still sometimes like to sleep with a pacifier. I thought it was quite keenly priced at £8.99, so I got myself a white one (they also do them in pink… Pink is OK for trousers but not boy’s adult dummies!).

Here are a few pictures of the adult pacifier:

Long-time readers may think the same as I did when I first saw it. It looks remarkably like the adult pacifier I reviewed here.

A tiny bit of examination showed it is, in some way, related to the adult dummy, as it has their branding which you should be able to see in the picture below.

Baby Pants origin!

Since this is effectively a adult pacifier it suffers from the same problems that theirs do. The sucky part is just a little too large, the shield is too large and heavy so it drops out of your mouth at night.

The Cuddlz adult dummy may be a lot cheaper than the version, but I cannot recommend it. I still think the best adult pacifiers come from Inner-Child.

Just as a side note I got some little print pyjamas from Cuddlz that have a great little print and cool shorts. As I have commented before with Cuddlz clothes make sure you order them with generous sizing as they can often be on the small side.

Here are the Cuddlz little pyjamas:

Finally, I offer my deepest apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been incredibly ill, thanks to doctors messing about with my antipsychotic medication (it was terrible, for three months I was seeing and hearing things that no one should be made to experience). Once that was sorted out I developed cubital tunnel syndrome in my right arm that effectively stopped it from being useful for anything, certainly typing was out of the question. I sincerely hope normal service can now be resumed!