Plastic-backed iD Slip adult nappy guest review

iD Slip packaging

A while ago an old friend got in touch with me; I had not spoken to him for over a decade. Naturally I thought of you, my loyal readers, first and asked if he would apply his literary skills to writing a guest review for Toddlerism. He agreed! Alas, this was in the middle of period I was horribly ill so I am only just getting around to publish it. So here is NMan63 on the iD Slip Expert Super plastic-backed adult nappy:

Like many in the UK ABDL world I did not exactly welcome the news that Tena, the last bastion of premium-grade plastic covered disposables, was finally abandoning us for cloth-like adult nappies.

Thankfully, into the breach step Ontex, the parent company of Moltex, Serenity, Euron and iD slip with the new revamped iD Slip range. This range includes cloth feel nappies, but also some PE (PolyEthylene) backed versions. It is this that is the focus of this review, and comparison to the now discontinued plastic baked Tena.

iD Slip packaging 2

First things first, some people have said that this is merely a rebranding of the old Euron form – it is not. Whether or not this is a genuinely new adult nappy or just one that was not previously available in the UK I do not know, but available it now is. Here it is next to the old Tena:

iD Slip next to Tena

First impressions of the nappy are good – the plastic has a strong, robust feel and it is reassuringly thick – distinctly thicker than the Tena Maxi. The green-on-white graphics may not be wildly appealing, but they’re par for the course and no more objectionable than the likes of Lille, Tena and Abri-Form. A competitor for specialist adult baby “play” nappies this is not.

iD Slip and Tena

Opening the adult nappy out, we see that the matting is wider front and back, two two stage tapes each side and the requisite leak guards all present and correct. The rear has an elastic waistband. Really much like any other decent quality nappy.

Open iD Slip

On putting it on, there are a some notable things. First the tapes stick quite aggressively and can’t be undone without damaging the plastic. If you need to reposition, you must abandon the blue tape and use the second stage. You are out of luck after that – each stage sticks once only, but it sticks well. Secondly, that robust plastic continues feeling robust once you are in it, with less elasticity and stretch than the vast majority of adult nappies. Finally, that thickness can certainly be felt when wearing this adult nappy.

6 7 8

It is worth noting here that I suffered continual problems with the tapes on Tena Slips – while they stuck fine, the tape would stretch and then break away from the back part of the adult nappy. I know others did not have this issue, so perhaps related more to my shape, but I have no such problems with the tapes on these iD Slips.

The next major test is, of course, the main event for most AB/DL – how does it cope with a wetting? The answer is… extremely well. This is one of the very fastest wicking adult nappies I’ve tried – I think that is the thickness paying dividends. Do not, however, believe that the trade-off is against gel filling – this nappy swells up massively and easily copes with two or three large adult wettings (different people pee different amounts at different rates, so your mileage may vary) – it is among the best I’ve tried for actual real-world capacity (ie. how much you can pee in it until it begins to leak, not the theoretical figures the manufacturers publish about liquid capacity). It also has a lower tendency for liquid to be squeezed out of it when sitting down than many.

Wearing an iD Slip

You can see that the tapes and plastic remain tight, even after hours of wear.

I need to put something in here to emphasise downsides. They are somewhat crinkly with a higher-pitched noise than some (maybe an upside, depending on your point of view), I’ve had a tape pop, they’re rather waddle-inducing and probably would not be comfortable to try to walk any distance in – but if it sounds like I am scraping the barrel here it is because I am! These are as close to an ideal adult nappy as I have ever worn! Let me be clear – in my opinion they are BETTER than the old plastic Abri-Form M4 and Tena Maxi.

Oh, and the real kicker? These are one of the cheaper adult nappies on the market. At current case prices they are 44p each, compared to 57p per nappy for the new cloth-feel Tena.

I absolutely, strongly recommend them!

Thank you, NMan63, for your excellent review and pictures! I do apologise for the amount of time it has taken me to publish it, but I really have beenout of the blogging mode for months now. Finally, it is online!