All-In-One Company onesies

Davy in his sleeper

I have owned an All-In-One Company onesie for years, but as a little windfall allowed me to get a new one I thought it about time I reviewed them. What the All-In-One Company call onesies I would call sleepers but as this is a review of their company’s products I shall stick with their nomenclature.

Assuming you like fleece, the All-In-One Company is probably the best place to get onesies from. Alas, I do not like fleece , I find it far to warm, so I have hardly worn the otherwise brilliant onesie (pictured below) that I got from them years ago.

Davy's alphabet sleeper

If you like fleece you are in for a treat ordering a onesie from the All-In-One Company. They make them in men’s, women’s, children’s and teddy bear sizes. But saying that hardly begins to capture the wonderfulness of their products.

For a start, they have a huge variety of prints available, most of which are of quite a large size so they do not look tiny on even big Littles. Moreover, you can either have your whole All-In-One Company onesie made in one print or choose to customise your All-In-One Company onesie so that different parts of the onesie are in different prints.

That is not all All-In-One Company onesies can have feet, different types of arm and ankle cuffs, hoods, which can have ears or spikes on them if you wish. You can get different types of tails added to them as well. You can see my big brother went for the whole hog with the dinosaur onesie he ordered.

Dani's dinosaur sleeper

Furthermore, you can get them monogrammed, or have different pictures sewn over the breast pocket area. On the other side you can get an iPocket sewn on. I have both a dinosaur picture and an iPocket, which holds my Lumia 930 perfectly, on my new onesie; these are pictured below:

iPocket and dinosaur motif

You can opt for longer necks on your All-In-One Company onesies, have zips that go all the way from the top down one leg, have a neck tab that covers the zip, the options are practically endless.

I ordered my new All-In-One Company onesie because I noticed they now sell onesies in terry cloth material. Here I am modelling mine:

The only thing I would say against the All-In-One Company onesies is that they can get a bit expensive, especially if you go for a lot of optional extras. However, they are made and delivered quickly, and if those extras are important to you the asking price is not so outrageous.

I love my new All-In-One Company onesie, and I bet if you get one you will love it too. High quality, highly customisable Little clothes do not get much better!

Finally, I must apologise for the appalling lack of posts on Toddlerism in recent months. Sadly I have been extremely unwell for a long time and taking to the keyboard has been beyond me. However, I am slowly getting better and there should be more posts on here and on my new site Little.Support soon. Thank you for your patience whilst I have been recovering from my illness. Big hugs to all my loyal readers!