Adult-sized hickory-striped shortalls from Baby-Pants

Truck appliqué

A few weeks ago I dropped by the website and saw that they are now selling, joy of joys, hickory striped shortalls! Long-time readers may remember me reviewing their denim shortalls, but for years I have wanted replacements for my original OshKosh hickory striped shortalls (which were only on sale for a limited period, I got mine in the late 1990s, when I happened to be a tad thinner) because they are pretty much the ultimate in Little summer leg-wear. I could finally buy some new ones in my size!

Let us cut straight to the chase, they look like this:

Adult-sized hickory-striped shortalls

For those who have not read my original review I will tell you a bit about the shortalls. They are made from a lightweight denim material, with a pocket on the bib and two deep, perfectly serviceable pockets asset the sides. This means you can actually wear them when you are out and about and have somewhere to put your phone, keys and wallet – if other Littles have been allowed to have these things as I have been.

Of course, if you do wear them when you are out, and especially if you have chosen a size too small for you, then you run the risk that the snaps on the inside of the legs will pop open and you may show off things best kept covered up!

However, if you choose a size wisely then the snaps close very securely, and you would have to squirm around in a seat rather hard for them to fly open. I wear my shortalls with training pants underneath (also from which are quite bulky, and I am a fairly comfortably-sized four year old old, and I have only vanishingly rarely had the odd snap pop open when I have been out. I have never had a catastrophic snap failure and ended up looking like I was wearing a dress with the snaps totally open!

One thing that some, like me, will love and others will be terminally embarrassed about is the quite obvious branding on the back of the shortalls. Here is a picture:

Baby-Pants branding

Brilliant, eh?

I must say something about excellent customer service. When my shortalls arrived I saw there was a manufacturing problem with my set and there were no buttons to attach the straps to – see below:

No buttons!

I emailed and sent them the picture above and their reply was a straightforward “Terribly sorry, we will send you out a new pair immediately”! That is quality customer service! No “Send them back to us (at your own expense) so we can check”, or any nonsense like that, just an immediate replacement sent out. FAB!!

The replacement shortalls arrived in double-quick time – faster, in fact, than I got the original pair back from my real life mother whom I had asked to sew some buttons on and put an appliqué on the bib pocket! Am I not just a cunning one?

I got an appliqué for the bib pocket of the replacement pair (my daddy felt so embarrassed going into the local sewing shop so I could choose one) and so my summer wardrobe was complete! It has got up to 19 Celsius in Winchester over the last couple of days so I have worn both pairs of shortalls on trips out to the shops. Here is a little gallery of me in my super-cute shortalls that any fine Little or toddler would be most proud to be seen in

The quality is excellent, they are practical, have excellent customer service and they charge exceedingly reasonable prices for their goods. You cannot go wrong buying these shortalls if you are a Little or larger toddler, just remember to get a responsible adult to put an iron on appliqué somewhere you like! Perfect summer clothing for Littles!