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These Funzee matching socks are ace!

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Adult baby harness

Baby Bear Boutique and Inner Child adult pacifiers

Baby Pants Classic pacifier

Cuddlz Custom Pacifier

Inner-Child adult pacifiers

Custom adult pacifiers (and more) from Inner-Child

Light-up sneakers from Evolved Footwear


Adult Babies Guidebook

A review of The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes

Grimm Tales for Young and Old by Philip Pullman

Little Life – a photographic art book about Davy

Two Kindle age regression e-books


All-In-One Company sleepers/onesies

Aww So Cute’s footed sleeper by Baby Boy Lee

Aww So Cute onesie review

Babykins adult baby products

Babykins onesies and booties

Babypants and NeverGrownUp goodies

Babypants shortalls

Babypants hickory stripe shortalls

Being an adult baby is increasingly normal – BigFeetPJs

Big Tots onesies

Big Tots onesie review

Big Tots pyjamas

Bustertees first adult baby t-shirt

Bustertees second adult baby t-shirt

New childish t-shirts and sweater

CosyNDry adult baby clothes

Thoughts on the adult baby supplier Cosyndry

Cuddlz little pyjamas and adult pacifier

Cuddlz adult baby shop review

Cushybums rompers review

Davy’s Cake Monster t-shirt

Cotton footed sleeper with cute prints

My new Foreverakid shortalls

Funzee onesies (sleepers) review

Latest clothes from Nevergrownup

Latest clothes from Never Grown Up

New teddy and clothes from Never Grown Up

My adult baby overalls scheme

My latest clothes – from

Onesiesdownunder onesies review one and review two

Shop4PVC review

Custom shortalls from Snaps4U

Snaps4U shortalls review

Sonic the hedgehog clothes

Training pants

Very Special Clothes review


AB Universe Cushie adult baby diaper review

Abena Abri-Form adult diaper review

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper review

Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers review

Aww So Cute adult baby diapers

Bambino classic diapers–a review

BeckyABDL Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diaper

Boots adult nappies guest review by ABJane

New Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies review

Cuddlz adult baby nappy review

Cuddlz all-over printed adult nappy

Custom printed adult baby nappies

2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

Fabine adult baby diapers mark 2

Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper mark 1 review

iD Slip Super Expert guest review by NMan63

My Diapers Animals

Super Dry Kids adult baby diapers guest review by ABCarl

Tender Night are shite

Tena Slip Ultima adult diaper review

AB Jane’s guest Zazoo adult baby diaper review

Zazoo adult baby diaper review – by Davy