Davy’s Little Life is art

Davy reading Little Life

I am chuffed as punch tonight, because earlier today I was given my copy of Little Life, a photographic art book about my life as a little. Now, I’m sure all readers of Toddlerism do not need telling I am a little and have seen plenty of pictures demonstrating it, but buying Little Life is well worth it.

For a start, the pictures were taken by a professional photographer, and out of the hundreds she took of me, my home and my life, she chose those that she thought presented the most accepting, open-minded and complete picture of my life as a little. They certainly throb with aesthetic merit, especially when viewed as a whole work.

Davy reading Little Life

Because this is primarily an art book, Little Life is quite a safe way to bring the subject of being little up with someone. Have it lying on a coffee table, or give it as a gift saying you saw it well reviewed for the story the pictures tell. Where you then lead the conversation on from there is up to you. However, do make sure you get your target to look at the essay at the start (written by me). It explains the torture we can endure trying to be the person we think we should be, and how satisfying it is to accept yourself for who you are. In my case who I am includes teddy bears, nursery printed t-shirts, shortalls, soft toy felines, encyclopaedic knowledge about wine, and more.

But the main reason you want to get Little Life, is that it has brilliant illustrations and technically stunning pictures that reveal the life of someone who lives as a little and is happy with that. There’s no regret, no angst, no fear. I am myself in Little Life, laid bare in an aesthetically adept manner. Such a vivid, personal, profound view of someone’s life can help us realise what we want to do with our lives and make us consider who we really are, whether we are happy with that person and whether we can truly embrace and accept ourselves.

So, to be hackneyed, clichéd and trite: Buy Little Life, this book will change your life!

Click here to preview then purchase the Little Life and so invest in a piece of fine art that will enrich your life and expand the horizons of everyone who sees it.